Create a Sacred Space for Yourself with Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient, oriental philosophy that aims to encourage the flow of positive energy by manipulating space and objects. The design concepts of feng shui can be used to create a sacred space where you can meditate, practice yoga and relax. An altar is the central object of the feng shui inspired sacred space. If the principles of feng shui appeal to you, create a sacred space by obtaining a bagua map and decorating your altar with meaningful items that will stimulate the flow of positive energy and encourage a thankful, peaceful attitude.

Using a Bagua Map to Place the Altar

The bagua map is essential when incorporating feng shui into your home. The map is a 3x3 grid, with each of the 9 sections having a corresponding life focus, color, number and element. For example, the square that is on the left and in the center focuses on family, the color green, the number 4 and wood. Superimpose the map over your home; the left center area of your home should be designated for family and incorporate green, groups of 4 and wood. The family space is a common area to place an altar since Chinese culture often used altars to honor ancestors.

When decorating your altar with meaningful and relaxing objects, consult your bagua map if you choose to closely follow feng shui design theory. Use the following list to get ideas on how to create an altar that gives homage to all 9 life areas.

  • Number 1 (center back of 3x3 grid) is "fame and reputation," the color red, and the element of fire. Place objects near that reflect your identity.
  • Number 2 (right back) is "relationships," the colors pink, white and red, and the element earth. Place something hear the honors the love of your life - two red candles side-by-side, wedding picture, etc.
  • Number 3 (right center) is "children and creativity," the color white and metallic and the element of metal. Choose something that reflects your inner child.
  • Number 4 (left center) (move to the far left grid in the center) is "family," the color green and wood. A family tree is a great way to incorporate family, green and wood.
  • Number 5 (right front) is "helpful people and travel," gray or silver, and metal. A small globe, a map or picture of an inspirational person are great objects for this square.
  • Number 6 (front center) is "career," the color black or dark blue and water. A small fountain with black stones, a clear bowl of water with black silk flowers floating along with a memento of a career triumph can give honor to your successes.
  • Number 7 (left front) is "knowledge and wisdom," the color blue, green and black and the earth element.  A figurine of Buddha or the Bible may reflect your source of wisdom.
  • Number 8 (left back) is "abundance and wealth," the colors purple, green and gold and the element wood. A purple amethyst, a gold ring, or anything that will make you feel gratefulness for the abundance of your life works well here.
  • Finally, number 9 (center) is "health," the colors yellow, tan and brown and the element earth.