Create a Welcoming Foyer (Without Actually Having One)

An entryway into an apartment with a dresser and a mirror above it.

A welcoming foyer makes such a difference to a home. Not only to the guests coming in for the first time, but also for those living there who come through it every day. But what if you have no actual separation of space between your front door and the room it enters into? Even in these conditions, with a little DIY magic you can create a magnificent looking and useful foyer where none existed before. Here's a few ideas to help get your creative groove going so that you can make your own fabulous entryway.

Change the Flooring

Sometimes just adding a large rug or replacing a carpeted area around the door with tile or wood flooring will help create enough separation of space that it gives the appearance of a separate foyer or entry room. You can then use the surrounding wall space to finish the look by attaching an attractive coat and key rack, mirror, and perhaps some nice art work that matches the rest of your room. From above the entryway, hang a nice lighting fixture that complements the new flooring. You'll be surprised at just how much the front door area will look by changing up the floor style from the room around it and adding a few things to the walls.

Build a Wall

A modern apartment kitchen.

If you're quite handy and have enough space, you can actually add a wall and truly create your own foyer. It doesn't have to be a full floor to ceiling wall, though; you can build a half wall that doesn't meet the ceiling and still get that separation of space you're looking for. If you do build your wall to meet the ceiling, cutting an opening into it, like a window-type space, will help it mesh with the rest of the room. Adding a few shelves on either side can also make it purposeful so that you have a spot for dropping keys, leaving umbrellas, and other such things you'd like to keep near the front door.

Open Up a Closet

Have a coat closet by the front door? Consider removing the doors and turning it into an alcove. It's a great space for stashing a small but comfy bench, chair, or other piece of furniture with some storage. Add a mirror, key rack, perhaps even a hat rack, and you have an attractive and separate area for any exit or entry needs. Painting the inside of the closet a different color will help to even further distinguish it as the new foyer and no longer as just a closet.

Find Creative Uses for Furniture

A modern room divider with a dining room in the background.

Using furniture in a creative way can help you make a foyer where there isn't one. Consider using a bookcase, full or half size, as a wall. Other ideas that may work include a folding divider (like those used in dressing rooms), a dresser that's redone to match the surroundings of the room around it, or a shallow desk. Either of the last two options would be great for storing or holding items that you like to keep close to your entrance, while still offering separation.

Utilize Wall Space

Sometimes there's just no room whatsoever for adding anything different in an entryway. If that's the case for you, there's still hope -- just use the wall space. Add shelves with small storage boxes beneath them or hooks for storing or hanging things like keys and gloves. A mirror will help make the area look larger, as well as give the tiny area its own design appeal. Lighting can be hung from above or via sconces on the walls and is again a good way to show that this area is separate from the room you're about to enter.

With just a little imagination and a few changes to your current open look, you can create your own foyer in just a few hours.