Create an Art Deco Bathroom

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Art deco bathrooms are becoming popular again. The style is sleek, clean, and minimalist. The eclectic look is a perfect design for any bathroom. Read this advice on creating an art deco theme for your bathroom.

Keeping It Clean

Keep your bathroom free of clutter. The counters should be bare, and the walls should be close to bare as well. Use cabinets to store items. Don't hang lots of decorations on the walls. The style will come from the colors and other elements you add, not knick knacks and pictures.

Wall Colors

Art deco designs are highlighted by soft pastel wall colors in order to accent any artwork or other elements. Light blues, greens, and other muted colors are used in art deco designs.


Choose light fixtures that have sleek lines. They should be made of either aluminum or stainless steel. Your sink and tub faucets should also share these sleek clean looks. Consider swapping the hardware for the doors and windows to tie it all together.

Use Geometric Patterns

Select bathmats and tank covers with either black and white zebra prints or geometric designs. They will not only serve as the focal point, but they will also add color and texture without detracting from the overall design.

Art deco works well in bathrooms. It will give your bathroom a clean look, and it will transform the bathroom into a room you can enjoy all the time.