Create an Industrial Look with Screen Cabinet Door Panels

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What You'll Need
1 by 2 lumber
Miter saw
Aluminum screening
Metal bracket plate
Piano hinge
Wood screws
Silver paint
Finish nails
Small hammer
Circular daw
Staple gun

Creating an industrial look in your cabinet door with screens is an easy process. Industrial looks are very popular among loft apartments, and other contemporary kitchens. With a few pieces of lumber, and some metal screen, your industrial looking cabinet door panels are just a few hours away.

Step 1 - Create Frame of Cabinet Door

Begin building your industrial looking cabinet door by make the basic frame. Cut the 1 by 2 lumber with the circular saw to your dimensions. This will vary depending on the openings of your cabinets. If you're going to need two doors, remember to leave a 1/8-inch gap between the two doors in your measurements.

Step 2 - Paint Wood Frame

After the wooden frame pieces are cut out, spray paint them with the silver paint. Let them dry and then prepare for assembly.

Step 3 - Assemble Frame

Set the pieces together on a flat work surface and begin assembling the frame. Use wood glue and the finish nails to attach each piece to the other. Predrill the holes for the finish nails so that it doesn't crack the wood. Wipe off the excess glue and wrap in a frame clamp.

Step 4 - Attach Screen

After the frame has dried, you can remove the clamp. Lay the frame down on a flat surface again with the back side facing up. Cut out the screen with scissors to the dimensions of the cabinet door frames. Wrap the raw edges of the screen under so that there's a smooth edge all the way around. Staple the screen to the backside of the frame.

Step 5 - Paint Another Coat

Once the screen is attached to the cabinet door, spray paint the entire door to match the color. This will not only give a consistent color, but will also add another coat to the wood.

Step 6 - Attach Metal Brackets

In each corner of the front side of the cabinet door, attach a small metal bracket. This is mostly for decoration, but also adds support to the corners of the cabinet door. Set a bracket on a corner and mark the screw holes. Predrill the hole so the screw doesn't crack the wood. Use a screwdriver and attach the metal bracket to the cabinet door. Repeat until all four corners have one.

Step 7 - Attach Piano Hinge

To give a more industrial look, a piano hinge is a great touch. Cut the hinge to size, so it's flush with the door. Attach to the cabinet door with the small screws.

Step 8 - Position Cabinet Door on Cabinet

Line up the cabinet door with the cabinet opening, and attach by driving screws into the piano hinge. Screw on a cabinet door pull. Open and close the door to make sure it swings open and closes tightly.