Create and Apply a Motorhome Paint Design

Lead Image
  • 20-100 hours
  • Advanced
  • 0-2000
What You'll Need
Drafting software
Painter's tape
Paint gun
Clean, closed-in work area

A motorhome paint design is something that can be either factory applied or personal to the person owning the RV. When remodeling an older motorhome, you have greater control over the end design than if you bought one directly from a dealer or factory. Painting a motorhome is not much different than painting a normal vehicle. Creating the design can be done rather painlessly through different methods.

Step 1 - Think about Design

Before you begin working on the design of your motorhome think about the different types of designs you would like to incorporate onto your RV. You can choose from a typical factory look. However, if you are remodeling the motorhome, chances are you want a completely different look. A popular form of motorhome paint design is to have a mural on the side of the vehicle. The mural can be a personal image, scenery, or anything else that you can think of. It is a labor intensive project, but in the end it will look great and have a personal flair.

Step 2 - Create Design

man designing artwork

There are plenty of ways to create the design of your motorhome painting, but the easiest is with a computer and drafting software. By doing it this way you have special tools to help you make a better design or mural. You can work with different colors, designs, and sizes before you decide on one particular overall design.

Step 3 - Print Out Design

After you have worked with the design software, and are happy with the overall result, you can print out the picture. Make sure to set the printer to create a large poster-size picture so you can tape to a wall for reference.

Step 4 - Clean Motorhome Surface

Before you get out the paint gun and begin working at the design, you will need to do some preparatory steps. Clean the exterior shell of the motorhome and make sure to get off all of the dirt, oils, and other debris. You should also sand down the exterior of the motorhome in order to remove the design that is already there.

Step 5 - Tape Design Outline

motorhome and vast scenery

Depending on the type of design you chose for your motorhome paint job, you will need to tape off the outline of it. If you are painting a mural onto the motorhome shell you should still tape the areas that you are not going to be painting at that time.

Step 6 - Paint Design

After you have parked the motorhome in a dust free environment, and finished the preparations, you can then begin the task of painting the motorhome. Use a paint gun with different size nozzles for different types of painting. Carefully apply the paint one color at a time making sure that the previous color is completely dry. Depending on the design, you may spend hours, or days, painting your motorhome.

Step 7 - Apply Clear Coat

In order to protect the finished design of your motorhome you should apply a few coats of clear coating to form a cover over the paint.