Create a Cozy Corner Just for Kids

Creating a cozy corner just for kids is a great way to add a quiet corner that is just for them within a larger space. This is particularly good for large family rooms and living rooms, where the focus may be less on the child and more on the family as a whole. It is easy to create a cozy corner by following some of the helpful tips below.

Creating a Space

The first step to creating a cozy corner just for kids is to decide where that space will be. Choose a corner that is away from doors, fireplaces, stairs, windows and low electrical outlets that will not be blocked by furniture. This may be a tall order, but picking the right spot will ensure that the space is safe for the children, which is the primary concern of any parent. Once a corner has been picked, decide how it will be sectioned off, if at all. If opting for a sectioned corner, choose a low bookcase to create a dividing wall. Be sure that it is securely bolted to the floor and the wall, so that it does not tip over onto the children. Once the bookcase is installed, it is time to start decorating.

Furnishing the Nook

Choose furniture that works well for the children's size. Bean bags and low, comfortable chairs are great choices that grow with children from toddler age through their young childhood years. Make sure that the furniture placed in the corner is small enough to fit comfortably in the space, while being big enough to also accommodate the child. Many specialty children's furniture stores and online retailers offer a wide selection of pint sized furniture that is perfect for placing in a cozy corner just for kids. Choose fabrics that are soft, but durable and stain-resistant to get the most life out of the pieces. Having a crowded corner space will defeat the purpose of trying to make a cozy spot.

Accessorize the Corner

Accessorizing the cozy corner spot is the most exciting part of the nook's creation. Choose a soft, comfortable throw rug to place on the floor. Many times, children enjoy curling up on the rug to read and play as much as they enjoy sitting in cozy chairs. Hang wall lamps at a height close to that of the chairs and bean bags, so that when they are reading, there is ample lighting to help them see. Large pillows and cushions can also be added to the space to make it even more comfortable. Frame art work that the children have painted to add a personal touch to the space and celebrate the children's artistic talent.

The key to creating a cozy corner just for kids is to make sure that it is a welcoming, safe spot for them to relax in. When choosing fabrics, opt for ones that are soft and comfortable to the touch. Colors should be somewhat muted for a relaxing feel and lighting should be sufficient, but soft. A cozy corner in a large room will make kids happy to have their own space.