Creating a Comfortable Dorm Room Lounge Area

College life has changed considerably over the years, but cramped quarters in the dorm room you share with a roommate isn't one of them. It's a big change from your own room back home, but that doesn't mean you can't be comfortable and have the lounging space that you need and enjoy. Applying these principles will help you not only have your own refuge, but a place your friends will enjoy, as well.  

Plan it Out

Starting with a plan is always a good thing. Visit some dorm rooms and take note of the rooms that made you feel comfortable. What parts of the room worked to make you want to stay there? Write these things down and ideas of your own and you will have the beginnings of a plan for your own room. Think about the primary uses for your room: Sleep, study and rejuvenation, and what you will need to support them.   

Determine Your Budget

You will want to price your plan to make sure it fits within your budget. You may need lumber, tools, furniture, electronics and decorative items. Depending on what is in the room, you may already have some of the things you need to support a loft which will help you save money.       

Create a Loft

This is pretty much a must for the creation of space in your room. By getting at least one of the beds up off the ground, you can gain 18 square feet of common space. If you have a good relationship with your roommate, you might try lofting your beds in an “L” formation. In this way one bed is up with the head of the other bed and a desk underneath. This will open up the room considerably. You may also try lofting both beds so that the floor is opened even more.  

Aesthetic Choices

Now you are ready to add some flavor in direct relationship to your sense of style. If you like a lounge feel, you will want to get some lamps for the corners of your room. By using 3-way light bulbs, you can have enough light for normal functioning and low light for the lounge. You will probably want to find some kind of floor covering. An economic idea is to go to a carpet store and check out their remnants. You may even be able to patch together something creative with their scraps. Even adding some paint to your room will set you apart as the unique space on campus. Just be prepared to return it to its original color when you leave.

A Little More Space

By this time, you already have a fantastic room that others will want to enjoy. To squeeze out a little more space, determine that you will study in the library which frees up your desk area to house a fridge and microwave. You can also use the provided closet as a place for the kitchen. This will free up a few more precious square feet.