Creating a Landscape Design Using Weigela

Weigela plants are beautiful, deciduous, free-standing shrubs. They are commonly used for landscaping as their branches look great throughout the year. Weigela flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds. You can have a wonderful landscape design using weigela by following these simple tips.


Creating a landscape with weigela requires proper planning. Before you start your landscaping project, take the measurements of your garden and determine the shady and sunny areas. Make a rough sketch of your landscape on paper. Outline the plant and landscape features

Choose a Theme

It is important to have a theme for your landscape. A good theme is an integral part of every landscape. It creates a sense of uniformity in the garden. All the elements of landscaping like plants, garden features and garden décor have to complement each other. Weigela fits perfectly in any garden theme.

Select the Location

Weigela requires less shade and more sunlight to grow. It blooms abundantly throughout late spring and early fall. Weigela adapts very well to different soil types and does not suffer from pest problems. These plants have attractive foliage and their flowers come in different colors like pink, white peach, and lavender. Hummingbirds and butterflies adore weigela plants, especially the ones with pink and red flowers. Plant your weigela near the deck or patio to create a good background for your landscape.

Use Flowers of Different Colors

Vibrant colors can add dynamics to any landscape design. Bright colors like pink, yellow, white grab attention and actually make objects appear closer. Use weigela plants with different bright colors to make your garden look unique and vibrant. Plant them in attractive arrangements to create a wonderful effect.

Wine and Roses, Tango, Dark Horse, Carnaval, Minuet etc. are some of the popular varieties used in most landscapes. Use a combination of different varieties of weigela in your flowerbed to make your landscape look all the more interesting. Dark Horse and Carnaval are a good choice for landscaping as they are very easy to plant and maintain.

Weigela plants are available in nurseries and garden stores. Plant your weigela in early winter. Provide abundant sunlight and adequate water supply to ensure beautiful flowers.


Install Garden Décor and Other Features

Make your landscape design more appealing by using special features along with your plants in your your garden décor. Weigela flowers can complement a small waterfall or a pond in the centre of your garden perfectly. Maintain a balance between the plants and special features to make the landscape design look neat and attractive. Arrange the flowers in a circular or rectangular formation near the patio or along the pathway.

Proper maintenance and regular water supply are essential for a weigela landscape. Water the plants regularly for two seasons. Prune them once they produce flowers.