Creating a Mosaic Backsplash for Your Kitchen

Lead Image
What You'll Need
Black permanent marker
Mosaic tile cutter
Mosaic tiles in assorted colors
Quick-drying glue
Bathroom-tile grout

Anyone can create a beautiful mosaic backsplash for the kitchen that is visually pleasing and complementary to the space. If you have yet to decide on a design, remember that the possibilities are endless. It could be anything from a bowl of fruit to an abstract pattern.

Mark the Design

On the surface of your backsplash, draw out the design you will turn into a mosaic with a black, permanent marker. Try not to choose a design that is too intricate because it is time consuming and difficult to glue tiny pieces of mosaic tile.

Sort Tiles

Once you’ve sketched your design, sort your tiles by color. This will save you time later.

Cut and Glue Tiles

Next, cut the mosaic tiles to a size that is appropriate for your design. They should be a little bit smaller than the design itself so you don’t go outside the lines. Once they’re cut, individually glue them to the backsplash surface.

Try not to use too much glue if you’re working on a vertical surface; it could cause the tiles to slide out of place. Firmly press down on each tile to make sure it is tightly bonded to the backsplash surface. Once you've glued all the tiles, let the glue cure for at least 24 hours. During the first hour, check for loose or sliding tiles.

Grout Tiles

After the glue has dried, prepare to grout your design and literally set it in stone. Before taking this final leap, make sure it is exactly how you want it to look. If there is a misplaced tile, peel it off and glue another in its place. Make sure the backsplash is perfect before it becomes permanent. After that, the only thing left is to grout your mosaic with ordinary bathroom grout.