Creating an Accent Wall For Your Guest Room

Creating an accent wall for your guest room is as simple as deciding which wall and getting a little creative. 

Choosing a Wall

Since guest rooms are often centered around the bed, it makes sense to use the wall behind the bed for your accent. If you choose a different wall, be careful that you don't compete with the bed's design, and keep your designs subtle. 


Using paint is the easiest and least expensive way to punch up an accent wall. Paint the rest of the room in neutral colors and use a bright color for the wall you want to stand out. If your bedspread has a pattern, try choosing one of its colors as the color for the accent wall. You will find this works especially well if you're painting the wall behind the bed. 


Another easy way to make a wall pop is to add a collection of artwork or photographs. Photo collages provide visual interest without being overwhelming. Hanging pieces of artwork, especially in sequences of 3 or 4, provides a rhythm to the room and will immediately draw your guest's eye to the art. If your accent wall is behind your guests' bed, creating a large headboard can be an excellent way to add functional artwork.