Creating An Herb Garden For Medicinal Purposes

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Creating your own herb garden can be a fun and family-oriented hobby that lasts for years, but it can also be a practical tool. You can grow common medicinal herbs in your own backyard to use every day in your home. Read the following tips to get an understanding of the basics of creating your own medicinal herb garden.

Choosing Herbs

The key to a perfect medicinal herb garden for you and your family is choosing and growing herbs that you will use consistently. Because herb plants generally reproduce new leaves, harvesting and pruning the plants is essential. Therefore, if you are just going to throw away the leaves you don’t really need to use, why not just avoid dealing with it altogether? Take some time to think about the types of herbs you use regularly, and write them down as a list.

Research Herbs

Visit your local library and simply use the internet and books to research the herbs you are interested in growing. The research is necessary to find out what kind of climate the plants like to grow in; you may not be able to grow some of your herbs outdoors. Also, find out what kind of medicinal uses they have, what kind of soil they thrive in, how to care for them, how to harvest the herbs, how often to water and fertilize them, how much sun or shade they require, and other information like color, scent, taste, etc.

This is also a great time to explore the many medicinal herbs you might have overlooked or maybe never heard of. If you find that many of the herbs you are interested in thrive in a different climate than your own, try to find out ways they can grow indoors. Be sure you make a final list of the herbs you think will work the best in your environment.

Plan Ideal Conditions

To make your medicinal herb garden thrive, you need to create the ideal conditions for each individual herb. This is where the research will make things work much smoother. A major aspect to take into consideration when choosing a spot is the amount of sun or shade the plants require. You may be able to split your herbs into two groups; one can receive mostly sunlight while the other can receive a good amount of shade.

Creating ideal growing conditions is essential to getting the most out of your medicinal herb garden. Also, the location of the garden will be determined by weather conditions and soil requirements as well. Use a piece of paper and a pencil to sketch out your garden layout, from the shortest plants in the front to the tallest in the back, so that you will not have to worry about that later.

Create your Garden

Churn up the soil where you are planting your garden and mix in the fresh fertilizer. Be sure you know how far apart to plant your seeds before you actually do it. Mark off where each seed needs to go and get working. Refer to your research for information on how deep to plant them and how much to water to feed them.

Follow these steps, and enjoy a variety of fresh medicinal herbs.