Creating Custom Picture Frames for Photo Groupings

Framing pictures is one of the best ways of highlighting the subject. Grouping photos together as wall art creates an interesting and memorable accessory for any room. Creating custom picture frames for photo groupings allows you to personalize the photos in a very unique way, and add some personality, style, beauty, or creativity to the group of pictures. With many different materials and ideas to work with, including some of your own, there is no wrong way to create custom picture frames for photo groupings.

One of the more popular ideas is to group photos by date, subject, or occasion first, then add captions to traditional picture frames. You can do this by creating scrapbook-like pages, then adding traditional picture frames. This frames the photo in a unique way, and tells the story that you are hoping to tell. There are many embellishments and unique lettering styles available at dozens of retailers, both online and in traditional stores. You can also take advantage of auction websites to purchase decorative items in bulk, often at a fraction of the price.

Another popular idea is to use non-traditional items to create picture frames that are unique and distinctive. Depending on the subject matter of the photo, there are thousands of items that can be used to make an interesting photo frame to tie a group together. The item can be based on the picture itself, the people pictured, the date the picture was taken, or even the occasion the picture was taken for. Be creative, and find things that really mean something to you or those around you.

Typical non-traditional framing ideas include scrap wood, plastic canvas, craft sticks, puzzle pieces, Styrofoam, fabric scraps, faux leather, aluminum foil, cardboard, plastic scraps, and wallpaper. Decorate with other unique items, such as buttons, bottle tops, scrapbooking supplies, uncooked macaroni noodles, candy hearts, refrigerator magnets, or playing cards. Glue is a great medium for holding it all together, and this type of creativity is an excellent idea for family fun.

Creating custom picture frames is a great way to create wall art for a child’s room, but  you can create beautiful and elegant picture frames that are perfect for photo groupings of special occasions and events for adults, as well. Create your own frame, or add highlights and definition to one that was previously purchased for a unique touch.

Another unique idea for creating custom picture frames for photo groupings is to add ribbon, lace, string, or similar material to each picture. You can then join each picture together with a length of the same material for a beautiful and interesting touch. Start by tying a bow or knot in the end of the material, then go around each side of the first picture, starting at the bottom right corner and heading counter-clockwise. Keep pictures close together, and allow the string to link each picture, making sure to go around at least one side of every picture. Finish by connecting the material back to the first picture. This creates a frame and a frame around the frame, for a beautiful and simple touch.

There are many different possible custom picture frames for photo groupings, depending on your creativity and the picture you are trying to create overall. You can choose elegant designs, creative and interesting touches, simple accessories, or a unique picture frame made of items that mean something special to the people or event pictured. 

Jessica Ackerman from, has skills in decorating with asian wall art and cityscape wall art.