Creating a Striking Poster Gallery Wall

Utilizing one entire wall for a striking poster gallery is a great way of creating a lot of design impact in your home. Perfect for rooms such as game rooms, bedrooms, home offices or even the family room, posters can add a touch of drama and color that is unmatched by simple paint and wallpaper techniques. Unlike fine artwork, prints and paintings, posters are often quite inexpensive, making posters a very budget-friendly decorating material. Whether you choose a theme, or just use random posters that you find appealing, creating a poster gallery wall is a lot of fun.

Choosing a Display Method

Depending on your tastes and the overall decor of the room, there are several different methods of displaying posters from which to choose. For a very casual room, using unframed posters in a more random fashion can be quite appealing. This is often a great way of decorating a teen's bedroom or game room. Posters that have a common theme can be used quite effectively for this style of decorating. In the game or media room, choosing movie posters or posters of your favorite music groups can add an authentic look to the room. Another interesting way of displaying multiple posters on the media room wall involves creating a "coming attractions" movie poster display. Using simple metal frames, frame each movie poster individually, and then line them up on the wall just as they do in the movie theater lobby for coming attractions.  A more formal type of poster gallery wall can be created by using display methods similar to what museums use. Frame each poster individually, and then space them on the wall so that they are at eye level, and are spaced about two feet apart. To get the spacing perfect, think in terms of looking at artwork in an art gallery. You want there to be enough space for two people to view separate posters at the same time, even though they are hung next to each other.

Choosing a Poster Theme

Using a common theme for the posters is a great way of adding even more design appeal to your poster gallery wall. In addition to the movie poster theme described above, you can find inspiration in many other different areas of your life to create this type of display. Posters of favorite sports stars can be displayed effectively in the family game room or television room. If you enjoy gardening and the outdoors, posters of natural subjects such as flowers, vegetables and scenery would be a good choice. Literary themes, favorite cities, countries from around the world, or antique cars would also be interesting themes for a poster gallery wall.

Finding Posters for Your Wall Display

Finding just the right posters to create an effective wall display can be made simple by using the Internet. In fact, there are online sites that are devoted entirely to posters and art prints. Flea markets, second-hand stores, garage sales, and online auction sites are also great places to locate interesting vintage posters. With so many posters to choose from, the most difficult part of creating your poster gallery wall might be narrowing down all the choices.

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