Creative Changing Table Decorating Ideas

When you have a baby, you will spend a lot of time at the changing table as you remove old diapers, clean the baby and put on a fresh one. It’s good for the baby if the changing table is a stimulating, colorful environment. There are a number of things you can you to achieve this, most of them simple and inexpensive. With a stimulating area around the changing table, even changing diapers can become a pleasant activity.

Primary Colors

It’s well-known that babies react to bright primary colors so have the area around the changing table decorated that way. Walls and other surfaces are good for this and you can even paint the table itself. This will attract the attention of your baby and make the changing table area stand out.


A hanging mobile will definitely attract your baby’s attention, especially a mobile that’s battery operated. You can switch it on as you lay your baby on the changing table and they can watch it spin slowly. Some will even play a tune at the push of a button. This stimulates your baby’s senses as they learn to follow the movement with their eyes which is also good for development. Just make sure that you have it high enough so you’re not banging your head against it as you change the diaper.


You want to use the changing table environment as a place to stimulate all your baby’s senses so things around the changing table that the baby can reach out and easily touch are very helpful. These can be small stuffed animals, a mirror (not of glass and with a soft surround) and many other things. Touch is very important to babies, so these things offer a way for them to explore the world. Items should all be attached to the changing table and you need to constantly supervise to make sure the baby doesn’t put them into the mouth.

Nursery Theme

If you have a theme to the nursery, you can continue that to the changing table area. It might be based on cartoon characters or something else your baby likes. If the theme is built around color, the primary colors you use around the changing table should complement that.


Ample light around the changing table is important. It shouldn't to be next to a window so make sure there’s plenty of artificial light so you can see what you’re doing. The more light there is, the better your baby will follow what’s going on.


Have something by the table that can play music. You don’t want loud pop music, but something quieter such as simple songs or lullabies that you can sing to your baby as you change him. It should be out of reach of the baby and have no knobs that can be pulled off and swallowed by accident. You  should also avoid any sharp edges (no sharp edges is a rule throughout the nursery, including the changing table area).