Creative Color Ideas for Your Bathroom Wainscoting

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Choosing creative color ideas for your bathroom wainscoting is a fun and exciting activity, especially considering the high costs of professional painting. Depending on the size of the room, most of the work can be completed in a single weekend.

Consider Wainscoting as Trim

Wainscoting serves the same function as baseboards, ceiling moldings, and door frames. Whether wainscoting is painted, stained, or varnished, it should match the rest of the trim in the home. Another consideration for choosing color ideas for bathroom wainscoting is the architectural design of the wainscoting. Most wainscoting will come in panels of either the beadboard, recessed, or full-wall flush varieties.

Creative Color Ideas

Emotional reactions are often derived from certain colors, especially when it comes to creating a specific mood. To create a peaceful, calming effect for the bathroom, consider choosing shades of blues or greens. If a brighter, more energetic look is desired, consider exciting shades of cheery yellows and high-energy reds. Consider whether to create a cool or warm feeling for the room. Cool colors are shades of blue, and green, while yellows and reds generally produce feelings of warmth.

Before finalizing color choices for bathroom wainscoting, consult a color wheel. In addition to illustrating the primary, secondary and tertiary colors, this art graphic will identify colors that work well together. A very good rule of thumb is to choose your favorite colors, see how they compare with other colors, and decorate your bathroom wainscoting with these choices.

Experiment with Creative Color

Before committing an entire wall to a color, experiment to see if your choice looks as good on the wainscoting as it did on the color sample. Few things are as bad as painting an entire section of wainscoting, then realizing that it doesn’t look right. Additionally, consider nearby fixtures, furniture, and painted surfaces. Try to compliment them.

Once you have settled on a color scheme for your bathroom wainscoting, purchase additional accessories to match your work. Choose vases, shower curtains, and bathroom accessories to accent your new color scheme.

General Guidelines

Bathroom wainscoting may be painted before installation, obviating the need for extensive and time-consuming trimming. Minor adjustments may need to be made after installation, but they will be less time-consuming. If the wainscoting is already in place, begin by using a 2-inch brush and create a border along the top, bottom, and sides.

Next use long brush strokes, connect the top border to the bottom border, working across the wainscoting from the first border toward the end border. Use paint sparingly, as it is better to use 2 coats of paint and cover all of the wainscoting than 1 coat and leave too many missed spots.