Creative Cottage Style Kitchen Decorating Ideas

kitchen with open shelves

One of the most inviting kitchen styles is influenced by the illusion and charm of a romantic quaint country cottage. Cottage style decorating offers a warm and welcoming look and feel, and it is an ideal style choice when decorating a kitchen of any size. A cottage style kitchen is never lacking storage because it is typically filled with shelves that openly display dishes, kitchen gadgets, and knickknacks, yet it is incredibly neat and well-organized.

In a cottage style kitchen everything is within easy reach and stylishly displayed, and it is reminiscent of a cottage on the edge of a country meadow filled with wildlife and vibrant flowers. If this sounds like the style of kitchen you have always wanted, the following incredibly easy decorating ideas will help you get started on decorating the kitchen of your dreams.

Add Glass Paneled Cabinet Doors

When decorating a kitchen with cottage style, consider removing panels from wood framed cabinetry and replacing them with tempered glass inserts. Glass is available in many different styles from frosted to ribbed, and glass shops can cut tempered glass panels to your specifications. Use glazing points to hold the glass in place and keep it secure. Old paneled cabinets will look completely different and new. Also, consider painting the edges of shelves to color-coordinate with the kitchen. Use glass paneled cabinets to store dishes, glassware, pitchers, and trinkets. The glass door cabinetry will provide a place for storage while adding unique style and charm.

Mount Open Shelves

Install shelves to add invaluable storage space and quaint cottage charm when decorating a cottage style kitchen. Look around the kitchen for areas where shelves can be used to combine style with practicality. Consider the vertical spaces surrounding windows, between upper cabinets, and next to major appliances. Paint the shelves the same color as the cabinet trim or other kitchen accents for interest and visual appeal. Use the shelves to display cottage style items such as old metal pitchers, crockery, plants, and charming woven baskets.

open kitchen shelves with food goods on brick wall

Install Vintage Hardware

When decorating a kitchen with cottage style, replace modern hardware with vintage varieties that go well with a quaint cottage design. Choose porcelain knobs and handles, charming metal varieties with floral accents, or any other style that fits the cottage theme. Handles and knobs are available in countless styles, and the options are many. Best of all, new hardware can completely change the look of cabinetry without the work or expense of cabinet replacement.

Countertop Decor Ideas

Use open countertops to your decorating advantage, and instead of filling utensil holders with commonly used kitchen tools, make use of an old crock or a pitcher with unique cottage style. Also, use basketry to store items you do not want to openly display. Baskets with lids come in many different styles from lined varieties to vintage wicker, and they can be painted with an acrylic wash to color-coordinate with the kitchen. Stylish woven baskets can be used to hold bunches of dried flowers, dried herbs, and a colorful variety of fresh fruits, and they will add a touch of country charm to a cottage style kitchen.

Select Stylish Hooks and Old-Fashioned Dish Drying Racks

A cottage style kitchen offers abundant storage space, and wall hooks can be placed between shelves for holding cottage style mugs, utensils, and pans. Copper kettles are also a stylish addition to a cottage style kitchen, and they are as useful as they are decorative. Look for ways to implement vertical spaces with handy cup hooks, and plenty of counter space will always be available for preparing and serving food.

A wooden dish drying rack also makes a charming addition when decorating a kitchen with cottage style. Instead of using it for drying dishes, use it for storing plates and platters. It will make good use of available wall space while adding unique cottage charm.

Decorate with a Stylish Wooden Sideboard

A vintage wooden sideboard is ideal when decorating a cottage style kitchen. It can be used for holding stacks of plates and other dishes, knickknacks, and cottage style crockery. It will also provide extra space for serving buffet style meals and it will free up counter space for food preparation. Most of all it will add country cottage flair, even if it could use a fresh coat of paint or stain.

Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decor is an important part of any decorating scheme, and it can make or break the look of a kitchen. When decorating a kitchen with cottage style, select wall art that coordinates well with the theme as well as the colors within the space. Floral canvas wall art and elegant wrought iron wall decor are both excellent choices, and they are available in all sizes, colors, and varieties to meet virtually every budget and preference.

These are just some of the ways a kitchen can be transformed into a room with a cozy cottage look and feel. Consider the decor you would expect to see in a quaint cottage, and make it a part of your home. Keep it comfortable, charming, and simple. Your cottage style kitchen will become a warm and inviting area for preparing food, dining, and most of all it will become a favorite place for spending time with family and entertaining friends.