Creative Cupboard Door Handles for the Kitchen

Cupboard door handles are essential to the style and function of a kitchen. There are many creative designs you can find to spice up your kitchen.

Match the Handles

To be creative and consistent in your kitchen’s style match the new cupboard door handles to the theme of your kitchen. Or, change the kitchen’s style from rustic to Tuscan or Vintage and buy cupboard door handles to match.

Handle Materials

The handles come in different materials like porcelain, wood, plastic, granite and acrylic. Decide which material will match your theme.

Handle Shapes

Artistic handles are available in different shapes like grape clusters, seahorse, turtles and wine bottles. Seahorses are good for sea themes and grape clusters create a wine country theme or romantic theme. Turtles create an outdoor touch.

Handle Hinges

Stylish handles set off the kitchen cupboards door handles. The hinges come in these styles: wraparound, inset, overlay and free-swinging. Some of the materials used to make cupboard handle hinges are brass, copper, nickel and pewter. Match the hinges to your cupboard handles.