Creative Food Display Is the Only Way to Survive Thanksgiving

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Instead of merely getting past Thanksgiving this year, how about attempting to excel at the holiday? Learn how to get all the food out there where it's attractive, accessible... and not taking over the entire kitchen.

DIY Treat Stands

Cupcakes? Pies? Candies and small edibles? These things have a way of taking over counter space and making it impossible to get to the rest of the food. Make your own treat stands this year, and everything on the menu will be easier to get to.

Find some affordable plates at a discount or second hand store. Look for something lightweight and nonmetallic -- plastic plates are ideal. Go to a dollar store to find glass candle holders. With these materials and good craft glue, you can create an amazing treat display.

Apply glue to the underside of the smallest plate at the very center and to the top of the first candle holder. Bring them together. Repeat the process to stack the plates and candle holders and create a simple stand. Make single tiers or multi-tiered designs. With multi-tiered designs, it’s possible to stack treats upward – and that saves on counter and table space.

Small Bites

Elevating food is a great way to display it. The food is prettier and easier to access. But big cake and treat stands can be space consuming, too. Make your own small stands using saucers and wine glasses.

Run glue around the bottom of the glass, and press the bottom of the saucer against this glue line. These small stands are perfect for butter and condiments, but they’re also a fun way to display cupcakes and Thanksgiving décor around serving areas.

Turn, Turn, Turn

Here’s the problem with Thanksgiving food: plates are round. If you’ve got a buffet table or a counter against a wall, guests have only 180-degree access to food that’s placed on something with 360 degrees of angles. The solution? Build plates that spin.

You’re going to need wooden blocks, long bolts, nuts and washers. This is a very easy DIY, though you will need to assemble many small materials to pull it off. Cut two circles out of 1/2-inch plywood using a jigsaw. Stack them together and drill a long bolt through the center.

Place two washers on the screw. Add nuts to hold them in place; you’ll want one washer at the top so it is flush against the wooden circles, but not tight. The circles should still have room to spin; this is important. The other nut will be at the bottom, where you’ll place the bolt down inside the wooden block. You want at least 1 inch of separation between the two nuts.

When you glue your serving tray to the top of the circles, your dish will spin. This allows guests to access the food from all angles.

Survival Skills

Thanksgiving food is a thing to be enjoyed, but you’re not going to enjoy seeing your guests reach and strain. Find ways to stack it, to make it more accessible and to make it look pretty on the table. The better you are at displaying the food, the better they will be at eating it. You just won Thanksgiving.