Creative Ideas for Garden Edging


Many types of garden edging are focused on being more friendly to the environment. Use these suggestions to redesign your garden with softer, more decorative edging.

Bamboo Edging

Tightly woven bamboo stalks stand up beside your flowers and shrubs at a height of 12 inches (30 cm). Buy this edging in 1-yard (100 cm) roll lengths. Dig a shallow trench and push this edging down into your garden soil.

Composite Plastic Timbers

Use recycled composite plastic shaped into 45-inch long timbers to edge your garden beds. They lock into plastic stakes that you push four inches into the ground. They never warp, bend, crack or lose color. Use straight lengths or curved ones to outline your flowerbed. This edging stands six inches tall from the ground surface.

Recycled Bottle Edging

To make recycled bottle edging, collect glass bottles of different sizes and colors, cut off the bottle tops or funnels, and invert the bottles in the ground. Line them up side by side so they rise about three inches above grade. Recycled glass bottle garden edging will sparkle when it catches the sunlight. It is impervious to weeds and insects, and helps keep water in the flowerbed. Do not install this edging near play areas for small children.