Creative Reuse of 7 Industrial Items

Creative reuse of many industrial items will help to keep the landfills from being overfull, and will save you money in the long run. Many of the items used in industrial settings can be reused in other areas, in the same business, or as other pieces. Here are a few of the ways you can creatively reuse industrial items.

Loft Apartments

Perhaps the biggest, and most common, way for a creative reuse of an industrial item is with the building itself. Many industrial buildings, warehouses, and manufacturing buildings are being transformed into loft apartments. These are very popular in the city areas where the buildings have been sitting vacant for many years. In fact, new communities are being formed from these buildings keeping new building down and preserving land and resources.

Reusing Cabinets in Homes

Any type of industrial setting is going to have a large amount of cabinets. These items can be used in several applications, but mostly in homes instead of being destroyed. Creative reuse of the cabinets can also be found in nursery gardens as planter benches, or even on delivery trucks to keep tools and other necessities.

Give To Habitat For Humanity

A non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity provides free homes for people who can not afford it. Reusing the items taken from industrial settings helps to keep the investment in the home to a minimum. Cabinets, doors, lights, windows, flooring, and even metal wall studs can all be used in building a new home.

Reusing Bricks For Walkways

When an industrial building is torn down, there is going to be a large amount of bricks. Having them crushed up into smaller pieces provides a great covering material for small walkways and patios. Instead of buying sand, or crushed rock, just use the crushed brick instead.

Build Greenhouse From Windows

Industrial windows are heavy duty and have thick layers of glass. In most cases they also contain metal inside the windows to strengthen them and even act as a security alarm. Disposing of these windows is difficult and expensive. One creative reuse of these windows is to reuse them as a greenhouse. Build one wall entirely out of the windows, or if you have enough, several walls.

Reuse Metal As Siding

Building a new shed or outbuilding? Use the metal found in industrial settings as the siding for the new building. The metal is usually in large sheets and can be cut down into siding strips or kept intact for covering a larger area.

Reuse Loading Dock Cushions Around Home

Loading docks have those huge cushions on the around the loading area to protect the truck and the building from damage. You can reuse this padding in different areas around your own home. Place them in the garage in front of where you park your car in case you pull up too far. Set them around a trampoline in the event someone falls off the side. Line the edge of a corner or a retaining wall to protect lawn tools, tractors, and even people from running into them.