Creative Reuse of 8 Household Items

Creatively reusing regular household items is limited only to your imagination. You can take anything out of your home and reuse it for something else instead of throwing them into the landfill. There are plenty of applications where you can use those old items to create a piece of art or useful tool. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Turn CD Cases Into Greenhouse

You might not think that those old CD cases are going to be useful anymore. However, you can protect young seedlings and provide a growing environment by making a small greenhouse. Simply attach the CD cases together to form a cube with a small bead of glue. Leave one so that you can form the top edge of the greenhouse and be able to open it.

Turn Inflatables Into Easy DIY Lamps

Add a festive environment to your patio, room, or landscaping by using small inflatables into brightly colored lights. Insert a lamp kit into the air release nozzle of the inflatable and rest the light bulb on the inside.

Funnels Into Coat Racks?

There are several uses for old funnels from cooking to using as a vase. However, one great application for an old funnel is a coat rack. Simply hang on a wall and bend up the funnel area to create a gentle slope.

Old Books Into Magazine Readers

If you look around your home you are bound to find a stack of books that you want to get rid of. Turn these old books into a cool magazine reader. Remove the pages inside and place in the recycle bin. Then simply place the magazine inside to give it a hard backing.

Create Drip Dispenser From Rubber Glove

What do you do with all those rubber gloves you have from washing dishes or cleaning around the house when they get a hole in them? Instead of throwing them away reuse them as a dispenser. Simply cut off the finger part of the glove, poke a hole in the top of it and place onto a bottle of olive oil, salad dressing, or some other liquid you pour onto food.

Reuse Aluminum Cans For Mood Lighting

Aluminum cans are everywhere. Instead of throwing them out, or having to buy some new accent lights to set a mood, cut the bottom off and set a candle under the can. Cut some decorations into the can or create designs by poking a nail through the sides of the can.

Spaghetti Jars Make Great Storage

A creative reuse for spaghetti jars, mason jars, or even baby food jars is to use them for storage of small items. You can decorate them with paint, beads, ribbons, or even pictures and store small items like tea bags, other beads, craft items, or cereal.

Reuse Vinyl Shower Curtain For Many Things

A vinyl shower curtain is very useful after it has done its duty as a shower curtain. Use it as a drop cloth when painting, to cover a trunk when hauling messy items, or cut down into a rain poncho. Just use your imagination and the creative reuse of a shower curtain or other items will be easy to see.