Creative Shutter Painting Techniqes for a Unique Look

Painting shutters is a chore that no one wants to do but it is unfortunately one that has to be done at least once a year. Shutters are subjected to every condition you can think of from excessive heat to extreme cold as well as rain and snow. This means painting shutters cannot be avoided. This does not mean you have to paint the shutters the same old boring colors. Painting shutters does not have to be plain or boring. The following article will share with you some ideas to spice up your shutters to create a unique look.

Shabby Chic

This type of unique design is fairly popular in homes that have an old country look to them. Essentially you are painting the shutters to look like they are old and weathered. This adds character to the home which can easily tie-in other decor elements of the home. Painting shutters in this style is a simple process which includes two paint colors. You should first start with bare wood so strip whatever paint is currently on the shutters. Choose a base color and commence painting the shutters with that color. You can also leave the base color the natural wood. Paint on the top color and use a towel to wipe away paint along the edges and other areas of the shutter that would naturally have wear. You can also use sandpaper to remove paint to create the look.


Painting shutters a solid color is boring unless you touch it up with designs. This is easily accomplished by using stencils. You can create stencils yourself out of contact paper. You simply draw a design on it with permanent marker and then cut out the pieces you want to color. You can also buy stencils that are already made and ready to use. Paint the shutters one color to start with and allow it to dry then tape the stencil to the shutters. You can now use multiple paint colors and a small brush to color in the stencil however you please. Let the paint dry for several hours and then remove the stencil from the shutters. A popular choice is to paint the shutters white and use flower patterns to create the designs on the shutters.

Textured Shutters

Painting shutters can actually be fun and creative. You can start with adding texture to the shutters. There are quite a few techniques that can be employed. One such technique is called stippling which involves using a very stiff sponge or metal filament. You dip it into the paint and dab it onto the shutters. Another texture that is similar to this uses sponges dipped in paint and then dabbed onto the shutters. This creates a soft look whereas the stiff sponge or metal will be harder and more subtle. Paint a solid color on the shutters and then wipe off with a rag several minutes later. This will create a unique look of stiff brush strokes for a very rustic look that is not uniform.