Creative Use of Roof Flashing: Make a Kitchen Backsplash

Lead Image for Creative Use of Roof Flashing: Make a Kitchen Backsplash

Roof flashing can be used in many different types of projects in and around the home. Other than being a useful component to your roof installation procedures, it can also be used to fit the needs of several home decor and decoration projects. You can use roof flashing to make a great kitchen backsplash. Here are a few things to consider when doing this type of home decor project with this material.

Contemporary and Old World Charm

You can enjoy this type of backsplash as a part of any kitchen. The roof flashing will add just as much to an older home as it will to a new and contemporary home. Experiment with how you may add this as your backsplash.


Roof flashing is an inexpensive way to add character to your kitchen. It comes in rolls and can be cut fairly easily with a pair of tin cutters.

Safety Precautions

Always be careful when you cut through the flashing before you begin your full installation. The edges of the flashing will become very raw and rough. In order to take necessary steps to be safe, add gloves to your hands to protect your skin. After you have cut the flashing in the size you are looking for, then file it down so the edges become less rough.

Measure the Wall

Take careful measurements of the wall before you cut into your roof flashing. This will ensure that you have the proper size for the flashing before you begin the installation. you can cut the aluminum into strips. The length of the strips can match the height or length of your wall. Use the strips to create an interlocking, or weave effect, as the backsplash.

Prepare the Walls

Whenever you add anything to walls in the kitchen, remember to prepare them. You should take out a bucket and fill it with water and a mild detergent. Do not worry about some of the stains because they will be covered over by the roof flashing. Take off any excess grime or dirt. Allow the wall to dry completely before you add the aluminum roof flashing.

Panel Walls

Roof flashing can be used to create pretty panel walls. You can use the different sides of the roof flashing to create different textures and look for your kitchen backsplash. All you need is a pair of cutters that will cut through the flashing, a measuring tape, and a pencil to mark off the locations for your cuts.

Before you decide to nail your aluminum roof flashing in place, pick up a good adhesive. The adhesive will help to keep the flashing in place while you nail it. It will prevent the flashing from moving around and disrupting your design.