Creative Ways to Add Warmth to a Family Room

A family room should be warm and inviting. After all, it is a space for relaxing and spending quality time with family and friends, and a family room that evokes a feeling of warmth is more welcoming and far more comfortable. A family room is a decorating playground, and it is the ideal area of the home to begin a design transformation in creative new ways. Consider the following practical ways to add warmth to a family room, and add life and exuberance to one of the most prevalent areas of the home.

Add Warmth and Energy with Color

Adding color to walls is the single greatest way to add warmth and energy to a space, and a family room is the ideal place to begin. Instead of cool colors or cold sterile white walls, consider colors such as deep burnt orange, autumn gold, or cranberry red. If these colors are too bold for your decorating taste, paint a single focal wall for displaying eye-catching wall art. Alternately, apply a darker shade over the first coat once it dries. This will create a unique translucent appearance that will further enhance the hue while adding warmth to the finished family room.

Warm the Walls Further with Frameless Oils

The right wall décor can add a great deal of warmth to a family room. A sunny scenic oil painting is an excellent choice for a family room with traditional style. For a contemporary look, opt for an oil painting with modern style that picks up the warm colors in the space.

If framed oils are thought to be too pricey, take another look at the latest options. Instead of choosing costly framed oil paintings, opt for affordable frameless varieties. Frameless oils are becoming more and more popular because of their beauty and affordability. The painted edges take the place of expensive framework, and they look every bit as impressive. Frameless stretched canvas oils not only add color and interest to a bare wall, but they also add dimension and personal style.

Add Warmth and Beauty with Wooden Wall Art

Wooden wall art adds natural warmth to a family room. Wall art comprised of wood is available in many color combinations and styles from contemporary pieces with modern sophistication to traditional designs with classic flair. Look for beautiful wooden works of art in warm colors that coordinate well with wall colors and other hues within the family room. Wooden wall art provides timeless beauty and warmth that will never go out of style.

Candle Wall Scones for Warmth and Inviting Appeal

Candlelight adds warmth to the home anytime of the year, and candles are ideal for decorating and adding vibrancy to the family room. The best choice for the family room is a set of hanging candle sconces since they are mounted on a wall and remain out of reach of children and pets. When the candles are lit they will add natural light that will bathe the family room in a warm and comforting glow. Buy fragrant candles in vanilla, cinnamon, or the scent of fresh baked goods and they will be even more appealing.

Create Zones for Playing and Relaxing

A family room should be a place for playing and relaxing, and this can be accomplished by creating specific zones. Set up a comfortable area for game playing as well as a zone for watching television. Comfy cushioned chairs and a simple folding table embellished with a fabric tablecloth are excellent choices for the family room game area.

If space allows, consider creating a family room reading nook. Position a comfortable chair in front of a window in between two freestanding bookshelves outfitted with books arranged according to color rather than size. During daylight hours the natural light will add warmth and plenty of light for reading, and during nighttime hours the light from a decorative floor lamp appropriately positioned will provide plenty of illumination.

Add Visual and Tangible Warmth to Flooring with a Plush Area Rug

Nothing adds warmth to a family room quite like a plush area rug, especially if the flooring is comprised of wood, composite wood, or tile. When placing an area rug in a family room, maintain balance by placing it in an area where it will not be beneath only one or two furniture legs. Alternately it can be centered beneath a group of furnishings. In any case, buy an area rug according to the dimensions of the largest open area or buy it to accommodate a prearranged grouping. Select a thick lush variety such as frieze or high-quality cut pile for the greatest amount of warmth and comfort.

Cover Existing Furniture with Solid Slipcovers and Patterned Throws

If family room furniture could use a touch of warmth along with a completely new look, consider buying slipcovers in a solid color that will coordinate well with other colors within the space. Deep tan is a warm and inviting neutral color that will match almost every hue. In addition, accessorize furnishings with paisley or striped throws in warm coordinating colors. Not only will they add visual warmth to the family room, but they will also add physical warmth while relaxing.

Add Comfy Throw Pillows

Comfy throw pillows are also one of the best ways to add warmth to family room furniture. When covering upholstered furniture with solid slipcovers adorned with patterned throws, opt for solid-colored throw pillows in one of the main colors found in the family room. Look for pillows in various shapes and textures to provide a multitude of choices that are ideal for relaxation.

Bring a Touch of Nature to the Family Room

Another fantastic way to add warmth to a family room is by adding live foliage. Bring a touch of nature to the family room by placing a large spider plant on a stylish pedestal in front of a sunny window. If the family room is shrouded in shade, opt for a snake plant in a large decorative container on the floor. The addition of live plants will add a tremendous amount of warmth while helping to create a welcoming atmosphere for all that enter the space.

Use some or all of the aforementioned ways to add warmth to a family room. Once the space has a more inviting feel, family and friends will be drawn in. With a comfortable area for watching television, a cozy nook for reading, and a zone especially for games, the family room is sure to become the most popular room in the home.

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