Creative Ways to Decorate with Beautiful Glass Bottles

Glass bottles can be the ultimate recycled decorating tool. Many products are packaged in beautiful glass bottles – when you have finished using the product you can create many interesting decorating elements with the package. Many of us learned this trick in college, when empty wine bottles were transformed into candleholders or we dotted our windowsills with empty perfume bottles. As adults, decorating with glass bottles can be both sophisticated and fun.

Colored glass bottles need light to really wow us with their charms. Consider installing a glass or mirrored shelf across the kitchen widow and filling it with a rainbow of colored glass bottles. Doing dishes won’t seem like such a chore with a rainbow colored view of the yard. Many kitchen products are sold in lovely glass containers, including olive oils and flavored vinegars. These compact bottles make perfect bud vases. A row of single garden flowers, each nestled in its own bottle can be a fresh and fun centerpiece or focal point on a fireplace mantle.

Glass bottles with lids or caps can be beautiful in a bathroom – pour your lotions and soaps into them and arrange on a mirrored tile on your vanity for an elegant display. Gluing a length of pretty ribbon around the edge of the tile provides a non-skid barrier.  I would not recommend using glass bottles in the shower. As beautiful as they look, dropping one in a steamy shower would be unfortunate.

Glass bottles make great vessels for holding small collections. Glass marbles, stones, seashells or even small brightly colored candies can look stunning in a glass bottle on a display shelf. Larger bottles can be filled will all sorts of items and can make great, one of a kind memory capsule gifts for brides or mothers to be. Fabric scraps, small paper scrolls, buttons, beads, sand, tiny toys and small photographs are only a few of the items you could add to a custom bottle. Tie a length of ribbon around the neck with a gift tag and a spray of dried flowers to give your bottle a little extra touch. 

In the kitchen, in addition to making a charming windowsill display, glass bottles can make creative and lovely storage containers. Homemade flavored oils, vinegars and vodkas are even more impressive presented in a gorgeous bottle. Ground spices and dried herbs look charming lining a kitchen shelf in a hodgepodge of small glass containers displaying the rich, earthy colors of what is inside.

For the handy, glass bottles can even be converted into light fixtures. With a drill bit and saw made for cutting glass, a few high quality colored glass bottles and a handful of parts from the hardware store, you can create a beautiful hanging lamp. This project, aimed at intermediate to advanced DIY lovers with experience in both electricity and cutting glass, could be completed in an afternoon. 

Glass bottles have limitless possibilities for brightening every corner of your home. You’re only limited by your imagination and the type of bottle you can find.  
Staff writer for, Jessica Ackerman has extensive design experience, using tropical metal wall art and grapes and wine decor.