Creative Ways To Build A Vertical Garden

A vertical garden can be a creative way to utilize some extra space in your yard or improve the look of an otherwise drab area. These types of gardens are especially popular for people who have a small yard or live in an apartment where there is little space to grow plants. By making the best use of the space you have, you can add a little green to your yard with a functional and attractive garden.

Fences for Vertical Gardens

Using a metal fence is a great way to get a vertical garden growing. There are many practical plants you can plant along a chain link fence that will work great and can help produce delicious vegetables, including peas, climbing beans, cucumbers and many kinds of squash. Additionally, there are also many vine flowers that will grow up fencing and provide you with a nice plant cover and privacy from your neighbors.

Ladders for Vertical Gardens

An old ladder that you no longer use can also be a nice choice for a vertical garden. Leave it whole or cut it into sections and display it in your yard or porch and pick some appropriate vines and soon the ladder will be a great support system and a creative way to reuse something you already have.

There are many creative ways to vertical garden. Look around your home for ideas and get started on your vertical garden today.