Creative Ways to Display Holiday Cards

Santa Claus holding Christmas cards for the mail.

Many families send out holiday cards around this time of year, taking the season as an opportunity to show loved ones how much their family has grown, to give an update on family happenings, and simply to let others know they’re thinking of them during this special time of year. Since many individuals receive an abundance of these cards, it can be tricky to figure out the best way to display them so that they’re viewed often but also look aesthetically pleasing. Keep reading to learn about some creative ways to display the holiday cards you receive to ensure they don’t end up lost, in a pile on the counter, or in the trash.

Use Them as Christmas Ornaments

If you’re short on ornaments or just looking for a new way to decorate your Christmas tree, you can use the holiday cards you receive to do something creative. Using garland meant for your tree, punch holes in the top of holiday cards and string them evenly, then hang the garland on your tree. Another option to use these as ornaments is to punch holes at the top of each card, tie a loop of ribbon through the hole, and then hang each card off a tree branch like traditional Christmas ornaments.

Hang Them Along a Window

Have a big window in your home that could use some sprucing up for the holidays? Use it to display holiday cards. All you need is some twine or ribbon, mini clothespins, and hooks on either side of the window. Hang the cards with the clothespins along the twine, tying it on each side of the window the keep it in place. Add cards as they come in until your twine is full.

Turn Them into Centerpieces

Four Christmas cards on a rustic wood table.

Especially if many of your family and friends will be enjoying the holidays at your home, it’s a fun idea to make these cards into centerpieces for your holiday meals. To do so, gather vases or mason jars and tie a ribbon around the mouth of the jar. Hot glue the cards to the tops of wooden sticks and place several in each jar. Pair the cards with faux holly, greenery, or florals and they’ll look great adorning your holiday table.

Place Your Holiday Cards in a Canister

Large canisters make the perfect spot for holiday cards, especially if you have multiple canisters. Artfully fan these out and stand them in the canisters so that several can be seen. Pair these in these orbs with pine cones, ball ornaments, or even holiday lights and place them around your home to be enjoyed.

Cut Them Up

While it’s fun to enjoy holiday cards for a while, after the season is over, many of them end up thrown out. Instead of doing that, recycle those that have pleasing patterns. Cut your favorites into differently sized circles and create a collage that forms a wreath to be used for future holiday seasons as a decoration. Simply glue the shapes together to form a holiday wreath, tying a ribbon at the top to hang the wreath wherever you please!

Hang Christmas Cards On Cabinet Doors

A garland of Christmas cards hanging in front of a fireplace.

Whether you hang holiday cards on the cabinets of your kitchen or along the cabinets of an armoire, this is another creative way to display these greetings. Create a grid with festive fabric along cabinet doors. Then, use double sided tape to affix cards to ribbon as they arrive. This not only looks cool, but it saves space on counters or on the mantel.

Make a Holiday Wreath

Adding your cards to a wreath is easy and makes for a beautiful display on the back of any door in your home. Make your own wreath by purchasing a styrofoam ring in the size of your choosing. Buy a thick, festive ribbon in a pattern or color that you like and cover the entirety of the foam form with the ribbon, adding a bow on the top of the wreath. Use excess ribbon to hot glue a hanging loop from the top of the wreath as well. Then, use tacks or pins to affix cards to the wreath for a fun and festive display.

Although you may not have realized it, the possibilities for displaying holiday cards are truly endless! These are all fun ideas that make it easy to surround yourself with the faces and warm messages from loved ones all season long.