Crown Molding Shelf Ideas

Lead Image for Crown Molding Shelf Ideas

Crown molding shelf ideas include attaching the molding to shelving in much the same way that it is attached to the ceiling. Attaching crown molding to a shelving unit provides a decorative trim that can set the shelf off as a centerpiece item in the room. The types of crown molding shelf ideas include both narrow and wide trim options. You can also go with different colors and styles of crown molding as a way to add a decorative element to the shelf that is enhanced by the crown molding.

Attaching Crown Molding to the Shelves

One idea is to use the crown molding as a trim that is attached to either the front of the shelf only or in the front and sides of the shelf. This can give you some variations on how the trim can be used on the shelf and the resulting look. Because there is no set rule or design guideline on what is acceptable and unacceptable with respect to the use of crown molding on a shelf, the sky is the limit as to what types of creative design ideas you can apply.

Obtaining Ideas for Using Crown Molding on the Shelf

Obtaining ideas for the inclusion of crown molding on your shelving can be found in a variety of different locations. You should use design magazines as one source of information for design ideas using crown molding on your shelves. The magazine can provide you with pictures of different ideas and how they were employed by others when designing their shelves with crown molding.

Observing Crown Molding Examples in Use

It may not be a bad idea to look at how crown molding is used on a regular basis on the ceiling of an older home. This survey may also give you some ideas with respect to patterns, designs, usage, and colors used in an older home. The more examples that you can look at and take ideas from, the more ideas that you can develop with respect to the inclusion of crown molding on your shelves.

Seeking Professional Advice on How to Use Crown Molding

Woodworkers and designers may be able to provide you with template information that can be used as a basis for your own ideas for your shelves when working with crown molding. They can provide you with information on their experience working with crown molding and projects that they may have recently completed. They can also give you guidance on how to design a shelf project using crown molding and the best way to approach the project. This can be particularly helpful for do-it-yourselfers that are new working with wood or crown molding and who may benefit greatly from receiving this type of advice and guidance.

Whatever ideas you look to employ for your shelving using crown molding, create a plan and document your ideas so that you have something to go back to should you decide to incorporate the design in other projects.