Crushed Rock Landscaping Ideas

Crushed rocked can be a great resource that adds variety to your landscape. It has not only aesthetic merit, but also comes with some practical advantages, such as good drainage.

Retaining Wall

If you have property with land that is uneven, you can add a retaining wall topped with crushed rock to make for more flat surface area. Add plants and old pottery for a unique look.  


If there is a path that receives a lot of foot traffic on your property, make a path using the crushed rock. Intersperse large stepping stones among the crushed rock for solid walking surface that will provide a nice contrast to the crushed rock.

Crushed Rock as Soil Cover

Instead of buying mulch each year, use crushed rock to cover the soil in your garden. Crushed rock has the advantage of mulch in terms of longevity, but unless it is sufficiently surrounded by a barrier, it will migrate to your grass or driveway. If you don’t spend a lot of time working in your garden, crushed rock is a great long-lasting ground cover.

Crushed Rock in Planters

If you have planters or large potted plants, use crushed rock to cover the soil. Experiment with colors that contrast with the color of the pots.