Curing Cat Dandruff Natually

What You'll Need
Brush with soft bristles
Aloe vera extract
Fish oil supplements

Cat dandruff is one of the most common problems faced by felines and their owners. This condition can affect cats of all ages and may require owners to shell out a good amount for it to be cured. Fortunately, there are simple and natural ways to deal with this problem. If your cat has dandruff, and you are worried about the high expenses that may be incurred from buying pet care anti-dandruff solutions, curing cat dandruff the natural way is your best option.

Step 1 – Know the Cause of the Problem

Find the reason behind the formation of dandruff in your pet. Cats can suffer from dandruff because of several factors, including dry skin, stress, sickness, obesity and old age. Knowing the cause of the dandruff will help you find the best solution to get rid of the problem.

Step 2 – Wash and Brush the Dandruff Away

Bathe the cat with warm water, using a soap with moisturizer. Rinse thoroughly. Then, apply aloe vera extract liberally on its entire body. Aloe vera will soften the animal's skin and may relieve dryness. It will also soften the dandruff flakes, making it easier to brush out. Leave the extract on the skin for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Throughout the rinsing process, gently brush the animal's fur with a soft brush.

Step 3 – Protect Your Pet from the Sun’s Harmful Rays

Keep your cat indoors as much as possible, particularly when the sun is shining too bright. The sun’s rays can cause dry skin, leading to flaky skin and dandruff.

Step 4 – Put Your Pet on a Diet

Watch what your cat is eating. Sometimes, dandruff can be caused by the cat’s abnormal weight. Obese or overweight cats often have problems grooming and cleaning themselves and thus, they suffer from skin conditions. Help your pets stay away from dandruff by keeping them on the right diet and helping them maintain their ideal weight.

It may also help if you refrain from giving your cat commercial food, as these types of food may have ingredient that can harm the animal. There are homemade cat food recipes that you can try for the optimum health of your pet.

Step 5 – Give Your Cat Fish a Oil Supplement

Increase your pet's body resistance to dandruff by giving it a fish oil supplement regularly. Fish oil supplements can help maintain your pet's healthy skin and fur, and will help prevent the formation of dandruff on the animal.

Cat dandruff may take some time before it can finally be cured, especially when you use the natural way to treat it. Your efforts, however, will be worth it in the long run. Commercial anti-dandruff care for cats can be too costly and you may need to shell out hundreds of dollars before you will see results in your cat's dandruff. With the natural process, however, you only need to spend a minimal amount. You need to have patience though, and you should repeat the process  until positive results are seen on the cat's condition.