Interior Design Reflects Current Events

The world we live in today is not the same as the world we lived in before 9/11. How do current events affect interior design? Does the unrest in the outside world reflect upon the desire to create a restful atmosphere inside? The state of the both the national and world environment plays a significant role in interior design. Whether the goal is for personal comfort or to be political correct and aware, the differences are evident between times of war and when peace reigns.

Conflicts around the world, along with natural disasters have people looking homeward. The need to cocoon amidst the swirling chaos reflects growing concerns that lead to a more subdued interior to calm the spirit. The styles and trends in interior design speak to keeping the home fires burning with an eye toward making do, making the most of what you have, and rethinking the ostentatious way of life.

When unstable forces loom large in life, it's human nature to attempt to find enduring permanence somewhere. Although ever changing, nature keeps balance with certain constants. The ground beneath our feet lies in shades and hues of brown. Leaves grow into tonal greens and the sky may be gray one day and brilliant blue the next. We count on nature to be steadfast. The current tastes in color palette runs toward the quiet stability of earth tones. Splashes of brighter colors accent subdued walls to give the look of a flash of a scarlet cardinal perched in a tree. Borrowing from the scope of nature's hues, everything from the beige sand of the desert to the deep rich browns of the earth has marched front and center. The soothing spirit of nature's greens and the soft allure of a sunset are being captured and brought in to the home. Achieving the sought after looks by using paints and naturally textured wall coverings helps to achieve a tranquil home environment.

Comfort caresses the body and soul during times of high stress and uncertainties. Just as we as humans are prone to eating comfort foods during stressful times, we also look to be nurtured with a soft place to catch us. The turn from the fussy ornamentation of heavy Tuscan furniture to lighter, more simple lined pieces come into vogue. The elegant, yet clean line of a naked tree branch reaching for heaven is copied in the smooth lines of a sofa. We bring the outdoors inside in a growing attempt to find peace in nature whether we reside in New York City or small town America. Creating rooms and furniture that envelop the inhabitants with a cozy respite answers the basic of need of finding a way to escape the rigors of life, if only for a while.

Witnessing the losses endured after natural disasters of epic proportions taught a lesson to cherish and take comfort in what you have today. Is this the reason more people are opting to make do with what they have? Reupholstering, refinishing, and painting the old into something new resurges from a thankful attitude of counting blessings. As the price of gas climbs, putting frowns of worry on faces throughout the United States, people hesitate to buy complete rooms of furniture. Designing rooms with already owned pieces and adding one or two new ones answers the call for frugality, leaving in-your-face, over the top purchases in the dust of yesterday.

As people everywhere feel less in control in an ever changing world; interior design will mirror the changes through colors, textures, lines, form, proportion, and patterns. During times of peace and prosperity we dare to be bold and bright, but when the shadow of war and the uncertainty of nature's wrath knocks uninvited at the door, we rethink how we choose to live. Suddenly being out in the world becomes less important as the need to find solace where and when we can elevates. Simply put, there's no place like home to rejuvenate the spirit during difficult times. The trends in interior design speak to the needs of people searching to elude, at least for awhile, the unsettled current events of a world in chaos.