Curved Glass Block Wall Construction Tips

A glass block wall is a unique feature in any home. It makes a bathroom or another space seem entirely unique, and provides a distinctive appearance and level of style to any area. Fortunately, these walls are relatively straightforward to build if you're willing to take the time and effort to prepare them correctly.

However, if you plan to build a glass block wall with a slight curve in it, as is popular in many homes and different design styles, you'll find that the project becomes somewhat more difficult. Read on for a few tips on how to build a curved glass block wall that looks professional and stylish.

Plan Your Design Carefully

With standard glass block walls that are flat, it's possible to continue to add pieces to the wall to make it longer or taller as you go along. This is generally not the case with a curved glass block wall. Here, you'll need to take the time to plan out every detail of your wall before you begin. Consider how large the space is, whether you wish to have unique flooring or fixtures within the shower area of the wall, and exactly how much of a curve you'd like.

Draw a diagram of the room and include the design of the wall itself, including the length, angle of curve and the total height of the wall. This will give you a precise idea of what you need for your project before you begin.

Purchase a Premade Base

All glass block walls must be built on top of a premade base. In the case of a flat wall, it's relatively easy to make the base yourself. With a curved wall, however, in order to get a precise base that matches exactly what your design plans are, you may find it easier and actually cheaper to hire a contractor to build a base for you.

You can also find these bases at certain home improvement specialty stores in a premade kit. This will ensure that the curvature of your wall will be exactly what you want, which is difficult to guarantee when you attempt to build a base yourself.

Use the Right Stones and Pieces

The glass blocks that you use will have a big impact on the appearance of your curved wall. Know how wide the stones that you'll need are and plan exactly how many stones of each size will be necessary.

For the flatter portion of the wall, for instance, you can likely purchase a set of regular glass blocks. However, you'll also need to purchase custom made stones that are curved. These are typically available at different home improvement stores too.

Build One Row at a Time

Plan to build your curved glass wall up one row at a time, rather than working vertically. This will allow you to monitor the evenness of the curvature. You can then install the remaining rows on top without fear of the curvature being messy.