How to Install a Curved Shower Curtain Rod

shower curtain
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-100
What You'll Need
Curved shower curtain rod/shower curtain rail
Measuring tape

A curved shower curtain rod is an excellent way to add space to your shower. Usually made in metal, they are available as single or double-track. Even better, they're easy to install.

Step 1 - Clear the Space

Take down the old shower rod, and determine where you’d like the new one to go. If the new rod is not installing in the same spot as the old one, patch and paint the wall.

Step 2 - Put It Together

Put the curved shower curtain rod together according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Step 3 - Determine Placement of Mounting Brackets

Determine where the mounting brackets will go. The best way to do this is by actually holding up the curtain rod to make sure that height and depth are correct. The curve of the rod will extend out further than your old straight rod (that’s how you gain space), but you need to make sure that the mounting brackets are set back about 3-inches from where the old brackets were. This will ensure that the ends of the curtain can be tucked into the tub when showering.

For height, you will want to make sure that you allow a good six inches overhang to make sure the curtain seals the water in the tub. You may need to use a step ladder to install the mounting brackets.

Step 4 - Install Mounting Brackets

Holding the mounting brackets in place, mark the locations for screws with the pencil. Use the measuring tape to ensure that both sides are even and level. Drill pilot holes with your drill. Install wall anchors (if on drywall) or screws (if on a stud). You may consider using beefier screws than those included in the package. Torque on the rod as you pull on the curtain can cause the screws to pull out, especially if this shower is used by kids or teens.

Step 5 - Install Rod

Install the rod per manufacturer’s instructions. Many use a recessed hex screw to hold the rod in place. An allen wrench will be needed for this.

Step 6 - Hang Your Liner

Now that your rod is in place, hang the liner and shower curtain. Some curved shower curtain rails install from the ceiling, instead of the walls. These use brackets that mount into the ceiling and suspend the curtain rod. These types are excellent for showers that are not enclosed on three sides by walls.

An additional consideration is the length of the rod. If you notice any sagging or dip in the rod once installed, consider purchasing a bracket to install in the ceiling at the midpoint, like supporting a drapery rod. These extend down from the ceiling with a round bracket, through which you run the rod. If installing in a corner, special units are available that provide additional support.