Custom Garage Cabinets: Start To Finish

Custom garage cabinets are designed specifically for your garage, and are created to fit all your wants and needs.

Benefits of Custom Garage Cabinets

  • They will fit anywhere in your garage, no matter how big or small it may be.
  • Custom garage cabinets are designed to fit your belongings, so everything in your garage will have a place to go.
  • The Designing Phase

To start building custom garage cabinets, the first item on the agenda is to measure the items in your garage and your garage itself. Once the dimensions of your cabinet are calculated, you will need to decide if you want shelves or any other custom accessories. The design for your custom garage cabinets will be made and then the supplies need to be purchased.

The Finishing Phase (Wooden Design)

The wood for the cabinet needs be measured, cut, and put together with nails and screws. The bottom, sides and top will be put together, and the last pieces that will be attached are the doors. Knobs will go on the doors to open and close them, and then the wood from your cabinets will be stained or painted.