Custom Powder Coating Made Easy

What You'll Need
Powder coat
Oven (make sure this is not used for food!)
Metal pieces to coat
Air sprayer

Custom powder coating will allow you to paint just about any metal by baking a dry plastic on the surface. This is popular to use with automotive parts, outdoor furniture, fencing, and even bed frames. Powder coating can be found in a variety of colors and will form a hard surface that is resistant to scratching and other damage. Here is what you need to know to coat a surface on your own.

What Can I Powder Coat?

Powder coating can be used on virtually any metal object. It’s most often used on custom motorcycle parts, sports bikes, classic and custom cars, metal frames and wheel parts, metal fencing and rails, retail displays, ATV frames, trade show exhibits, and other industrial applications. As long as the metal piece can be sprayed with the powder and placed in an oven, you can powder coat anything yourself.

Step One- What Are You Coating?

The first thing you need to do is to pick the part you are wanting to coat, and then decide on a color you’d like to use. You need to make sure the metal is clean with no dust, grease, oil or other paint on it. If it has been painted you will want to sandblast the metal to clean it first. Even if the metal hasn’t been painted sandblasting is a good idea just to ensure it’s clean and free of any debris.

Step Two- Preheat the Oven

A convection oven that isn’t used for preparing food is the best thing to use for powder coating. It’s very important that this oven won’t be used for food, ever! The powder coating isn’t as hazardous as other materials, but it still poses a threat if consumed.
Once you know which oven you’re using, preheat it to 375 F.

Step Three- Apply Powder Coat

While the oven is preheating you can use the air sprayer to apply the powder. Take you time and ensure it’s been applied evenly before you proceed.

Step Four- Bake It

Once you’re done spraying the powder evenly and the oven has completed preheating, place the metal object in the oven for fifteen minutes. That should be long enough to bake the coating on to the object thoroughly.

Allow the metal plenty of time to cool before removing it. This will prevent you from burning yourself and will allow the powder to finish setting. Even so, use gloves when you remove the object.

Additional Information

Powder coating is a more environmentally friendly process than standard painting. Using solvents and paint thinners can release harmful toxins in to the air. With powder coating no solvents are used, and it becomes for eco-friendly.

Larger objects that need to be powder coated may need to be taken to a professional shop unless you have an oven large enough. Smaller objects are easy to coat yourself, but larger objects are probably best left to a professional shop.