Customize A Bird Bath For Your Yard

Adding a bird bath to your yard is an easy way to bring in some nice decorations, while also giving yourself the chance to watch many different types of birds splash and play. Below are some basic tips for making the most out of your new aviary pool!


Whether purchasing a bird bath or making your own, location is very important. Birds tend to be easy prey for larger animals (such as cats) that may be lurking in bushes and trees. Therefore it's best to pick someplace wide open, so as to not scare off the birds. To really bring in the crowds, consider adding a bird feeder to your bird bath, or place it near an existing feeder. Also, placing a decorative bird bath near or in the middle of your garden can really tie your landscaping together.

Basic Designs

There are countless designs to choose from, be it ceramic or stone bird baths bought from the store, or a do-it-yourself bird bath made from homemade materials. If designing your own, there are many options, but there are certain guidelines that should be followed in order to bring the birds in.

First of all, most birds that aren’t built for swimming (as ducks and geese are) are often afraid of deeper water. Craft your own from any bowl or pan-shaped object that is comfortably filled with 1 to 2 inches of water, 3 inches maximum. Birds also like to have firm footing, so avoid building a bird bath that is too smooth inside. If you want to make the inside more rough, try coating it with non-washable glue and pebbles or a similar material. Also, as birds tend to be easy prey for other small animals, place the saucer of the bird bath up at least 2 or 3 feet to keep them safe, or they’ll likely scare easy and not return.

Fun Designs

Many things can be turned into fun bird baths. If you want a unique hanging bird bath, hang a basket outside and place a light weight clay saucer inside, or even something as simple as a pie plate. If you have a heavier saucer, made of clay or other material, try placing it on top of an upturned pot. For more fun, feel free to paint designs of your choice on the sides of your saucer and pot, as well as inside the saucer.

Birds are attracted to the sound of trickling water and moving water. Adding this to your bird bath not only looks appealing, but will also make it more popular. Try placing a small fountain inside your bird bath. The added bonus here is that the birds will come to the sound, the fountain will look nicer and the constantly moving water won’t need quite as much cleaning as stagnant water. A cheaper alternative to a fountain pump is to take a large bottle, puncture a small hole in the bottom, fill it with water and hang it over your bird bath. The slow trickle will tell the birds where to find your bath, and will even replace some of the water splashed out or evaporated by the sun.

There are plenty of cool things that can be done to spruce up your bird bath, whether it's custom made or store bought. Now get out there and build your birds the perfect watering hole!