Customizing A Children's Playhouse

Once upon a time, having a children’s playhouse may have only meant four walls with a door opening and a roof, wooden floor optional. Today, the possibilities for a children’s playhouse are almost as wide and varied as those for your own home. With such a plethora of options, there are several key factors to consider before buying or building.

Tea Parties Or A Battle Fort?

The first thing to consider is whether your playhouse will be used primarily for boys, girls, or both. The two likely have very different tastes and ideas about what the house will be used for. Girls might like a nice Victorian playhouse, complete with pink shutters, pleasant little gardens and a small, white picket fence. Perhaps even with a nice porch to hold tea parties.

Boys, on the other hand, may want something more rugged. Instead of pleasant siding on the walls, maybe you should paint it with a military camouflage pattern and replace the traditional sloped roof with a second story that acts as a lookout tower, or go with the look of a make-shift jungle hut.

If you expect having to cater to both boys and girls, of course it will be more difficult to please everybody, but it can be done. Girls may have to give up fancy trim and pink shutters, and boys may leave out the camouflage, but with neutral colors you can still keep things interesting by mixing up the paint colors for inside and outside, walls, doors, trim, shutters, etc. There are also some themes likely to please all, such as a log cabin or a country home. You could also add on things like monkey bars or swings coming off the sides, or a slide if there’s a ladder to the roof or the second story.

Do It Yourself, Or Pre-Fab. Playhouses?

For those with a few extra dollars in their pockets, a pre-fabricated playhouse may be the way to go. In this manner, its as simple as browsing a catalog or the company’s website and taking note of the options your kids might like. Here, you not only have the option of picking features your kids will like, but easily picking built-in features that work for you, such as ordering a plastic playhouse capable of breaking down for storage during winter months.

However, if you feel up for a woodworking project, not only will you save money, but you can truly give your kids exactly what they want. Other advantages include durability, as many pre-fabricated playhouses are made from plastic as opposed to wood, plus you have the option of turning this woodworking project into a family project by getting the kids to help. It’s probably still a good idea to see the options that pre-fabricated playhouses have to offer, if only to come up with more ideas.

The Little Options

Once you’ve got the actual playhouse built the way you like, its time to choose from the incredible number of small-scale furnishings for both the interior and exterior. The near limitless options include tables, chairs, kitchen sets (with sinks), shelves, etc.

What Do They Want?

Perhaps the most important thing you could do is asking your kids what they want. After all, it’s their imaginations that are really putting this playhouse together, it only makes since that the playhouse itself follow their imaginations.