Customizing Your Riding Mower

There are many ways tools and attachments to help you get the most out of your riding mower. In fact, many riding mowers are marketed now based on versatile they can be doing jobs outside of lawn mowing. Below are some attachments and mower parts you'll likely encounter when shopping for a new mower.

Catch Bag

The single most common attachment for any mower, riding or otherwise, is a bag to catch all your grass clippings. However, this is most popular with push mowers. If you have a riding mower, you likely have a fairly large plot of land to mow, which means frequent trips to empty the bag of clippings. Also, it is more common on larger properties to leave the clippings down as mulch.

Mulching Blade/Kit

Another common attachment, especially for riding mowers, is the mulching blade. This replaces your regular blades with ones designed to first cut the grass, then chop it into extra small clippings, which are tiny enough to disappear around the remaining grass. This mulch helps your grass retain moisture during the hot summer while recycling nutrients lost in the clippings.

Other Common Customizations

You ca install a trailer hitch on many riding mowers. Some larger items, such as a tank of pesticide for your small orchard, may still require the power of an ATV or a tractor. Other common attachments allow you to blow leaves or grind them up for mulch in the fall, plow snow in the winter, or till your gardens and small fields in the spring.

With the right attachments, you can customize your riding mower into the ultimate year round tool for your yard!