Customizing Your Vinyl Wall Lettering

Vinyl wall lettering can be used as an informational or creative tool in a room. They are fairly simple to design and customize.

Choosing the Display Space

Decide where you want to place a vinyl lettering display. Use a measuring tape to calculate the dimensions of the area. Use these dimensions when deciding on the amount and size of text you plan on displaying.

Choosing the Display Text

Determine what words or phrases you want to display. Be sure all of the words are spelled correctly. Use a word processing program to select the font and typeface that you want use for your text. Once you have the text typed out, highlight the text and then select the outline feature of the word processor. When you have the text formatted the way you want it, save it as a document file. Make sure you save your text to the hard drive and to a jump drive.

Choosing the Vinyl Sheets 

Purchase some self-adhesive vinyl sheets from a local craft store. You should have a wide variety of colored vinyl sheets from which to choose. Non-adhesive vinyl will also work, but it will require that you apply an adhesive to the back before applying the letters to the wall. This could be more time consuming. 

Creating the Vinyl Lettering

Insert regular copy paper into your computer printer. Print your text to the paper. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the letters from the copy paper. Lay the paper stencils onto the vinyl sheets and then trace them. Use your pencil to make a light indentation in the vinyl. Be sure you leave enough room between each of the letters or words to be able cut with the scissors, but don't  leave too much room and create wasted vinyl. Use the sharp scissors to cut the letters and words from the vinyl sheets. 

Using a Professional Printer

If you find that it is too difficult to trace and cut the letter and word stencils from the paper and vinyl, consider taking your text to a local sign store. Discuss your project with a professional sign maker and see about having the store print and cut the letters and words for you. This method will require less time and effort on your part, but it will be somewhat more expensive. 

Applying the Vinyl Lettering

When applying the letters and text to the wall, use painter's tape to create a level line for placement. Use the line as your guide. Lay your text out on a flat surface. Find the middle of all of the text. Find the middle of the wall space where the text will be displayed. Slowly and carefully remove the backing from the center text. Lightly, apply the text to the wall. Continue with all of the text to be placed on the right side and then all of the text to be placed on the left. Step back to be sure you have it positioned properly. When you are satisfied, go back and gently rub all of the text letters and words onto the wall. Be sure to press out any air bubbles that may appear.