Cut Your Own Hair Like a Pro

In order to cut your own hair like a professional, you need patience, skill and several mirrors to see how your haircut is coming along. Styling your own hair can pose a challenge, but the end result can be very fulfilling. There are several things to consider in order to be successful at this task, and the list below will explain them to you in detail:

Choose the Type of Style That is Convenient According to Your Facial Structure

If our face is round, it will be necessary for you to cut your own hair in a way that makes it look long and slim. It is advisable, then, to take away volume in the lower parts and leave volume at the top. Straightening your hair and cutting it in layers will help you to frame your face. If your face is triangular, it is necessary to make your facial features seem rounded. For this, it is necessary to concentrate on the higher part of the face, so as to cover the area as much as you can. This way, it would be a good idea to have small fringes starting at the temple, or fashion a disguised hoop that contributes to the volume in the area. If your face has square and elongated form, the volume must be focused in the central part. Finally, if your face is oval, you are free to use any type of hairstyle.

Bear Your Profile in Mind

If your nose is very long, you should cut your own hair in a way that allows you to give more volume to your head, so as to balance out the size of your nose. If your face is broad or you have large cheeks, it is a good idea to straighten your hair to balance the volume of your face. If you have a big chin, you could use bangs since your hair and your chin are the frame of your face. The bangs will help balance the difference. In addition, bangs will also be suitable for you if you have a wide forehead. However, a narrow forehead will not need bangs.

Having the Tools Ready

The first thing to do is have the tools ready in order to cut your own hair like a pro. You should start with a good pair of scissors, several medium-sized mirrors, many hair clips, fine-tooth comb, coarse toothed combs, brushes and a water spray bottle.

Wash and Condition Your Hair

This step is necessary because the hair must be as flexible as possible to facilitate the cutting process, which is difficult to accomplish when the hair is dirty, oily or stiff.

Cut Your Hair in Layers

First, you should divide the hair in two by using a fine tooth comb. It should start from the middle of the forehead, towards the neck, in a straight line. Once divided in two, you will hold one of two sides with a clip. Then, you'll take the side without clip and divide it in two, but this time doing half a horizontal line. Pick one of the halves with a clip, and work with the side that is left free. If you want, you can start cutting from that point, or once again, divide the hair. Remember that the volume must be accentuated in the high or central zone of the hair, depending on the form of your face. In order to ensure a clean cut, use a mirror in front of you and one behind. Finally, remember that although it sounds difficult, once you begin, you'll find that the procedure is pretty much straightforward.