Cute, Colorful DIY Garden Toad Stool

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What You'll Need
Clay saucer
Clay pot
Red and white acrylic paint
Foam brush
Thin paint brush
Scrap cardboard or newspaper
Hot glue gun

The summer season is all about tending to gardens of all shapes and sizes. And while your beloved flowers and herbs exude their own natural beauty, adding decorative pieces to your garden can add some serious charm. For a darling DIY decor project that can be made on a tight budget and under time constraints, transform basic clay containers into a faux toad stool.

Specifically, you'll need a clay pot and saucer. These items can be found at many hardware and craft stores at inexpensive price points. To top it off, constructing a toad stool does not require fancy skills, making it a home decor project that is ideal for beginners.

Step 1 — Paint the Pot

painted planter pot

Lay the scrap cardboard or newspaper on your work surface. This will protect it as you create your decorative toads tool. Apply white acrylic paint to exterior of the clay pot. Use straight, consistent brush strokes running in the same direction. Once the first coat is dry to the touch, add another coat to ensure that the paint is opaque and bright. The clay pot should be visible. However, it is not necessary to paint the inside of the pot. Set aside to dry.

Step 2 — Paint the Saucer

painting top

Clean your foam brush with soap and water. Squeeze out the excess water and dry with a paper towel. Alternatively, you can simply use another foam brush if you have one on hand. Apply red acrylic paint to the exterior of the clay saucer. This includes the bottom of the saucer. Keep in mind that this portion will be flipped upside down. Set aside the saucer and leave to dry completely.

Step 3 — Add Polka Dots

painted garden accessories

Once the clay saucer is dry, use the white paintbrush to paint white spots. Don't stress too much about the placement of each spot; keep it natural and organic. Each spot doesn't need to perfectly round, either. In fact, imperfect spots will add to the charm of your creation. Leave the saucer to dry.

Step 4 — Glue the Pot and Saucer

diy garden accessories

Once dry, turn the pot upside down. Apply hot glue along the inside of the saucer and adhere to the bottom of the pot. In place of hot glue, you can also use strong craft glue such as E6000. If all else fails, you can simply place the saucer on the pot without any adhesive.

toad stool in garden

Your new toad stool decoration is ready to spruce up your outdoor space. Consider placing it in your garden for a cheerful dose of color. You can also add it along your walkway or at the bottom of the steps of your deck. If you're really loving this project, you can even make a trio of clay pot toadstools in different sizes.

Time: 35 minutes || Cost: $5-10