Cutting Acoustic Ceiling Tile

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What You'll Need
Tile cutter
Table saw
Utility knife

Acoustic ceiling tiles are a type of tile used to deaden sound. They are useful in home offices, nurseries, and other areas of the home that need a reduced noise level. Working with acoustic tiles is no different than working with any other types of ties. Making cuts follows the same process.

Use a Tile Cutter

Rent a tile cutting tool from an equipment supply store in order to make the tile cuts. This tool will make angle cuts and other repetitive cuts easier to perform and relieve you of the burden of having to make a series of individual cuts.

Use a Table Saw

You can also cut the tiles on a table saw with a fine tip blade. Do so if the tiles are thicker than normal acoustic tiles. In that case, cutting them with the tile cutter is not as practical a choice.

Use a Utility Knife

For more precise cuts, use a utility knife and score the tile where your cut needs to be made. Place the tile in the cutter in the tile at the scoreline and chop it using the blade. This cutting will give you a tile that is custom-fitted for the area in which you are working, whether it is an angled cut or a straight cut.