Cutting an Aluminum Diamond Plate

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  • 1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-500
What You'll Need
A lead pencil
Safety glasses
2 sawhorses, which is a beam with 4 legs for support
A power jigsaw metal cutting blade that should be fine-toothed with approximately 48 teeth per inch.

An aluminum diamond plate is basically a sheet of aluminum on which a recurring pattern of raised diamonds is embossed or stamped. Due to its anti-slip and cosmetically-appealing texture, the plate is extensively used in dance floors, wall panels, countertops, floor mats, and toolboxes. It is also used for the steps and floor beds of trucks, buses, trailers, and so forth.

While a normal sheet of aluminum can be easily cut with the help of a table saw and blade, cutting aluminum diamond plate is relatively intricate because of the pattern.

Step 1 - Prepare Aluminum on the Sawhorse

Once you have collected all the items, the next step is to place the aluminum diamond plate on the sawhorse in such a manner that one end of the plate hangs out. Make sure that only a small part of the plate hangs out. If a large portion of the plate hangs out, then it would be difficult to maintain a balance while cutting it. Even before you start handling the patterned aluminum sheet, put on the gloves to ensure that the sharp edges of the plate don't harm you.

Step 2 - Cut on the Smooth Side

The two sides of the aluminum diamond plate are very different, whereas on one side there are bumps, the other side is absolutely smooth. It is certainly easier to cut from the smooth side. Hence, while placing the plate on the sawhorse, take care that the smooth side faces you.

Step 3 - Draft the Pattern

With the help of a lead pencil, draw the pattern that needs to be cut on the sheet. Use the ruler to ensure that all the lines are straight and the measurements are accurate. Before proceeding to the next step, double-check the shape and size of the pattern because once the cut has been made, it would be very difficult to rejoin the pieces.

Step 4 - Use the Jigsaw

You will be using a power jigsaw metal cutting blade. It is crucial for you to put on your safety glasses. The fine-toothed blade will cut very slowly, but smoothly. Don’t apply too much pressure; only enough to help the blade to move forward. If the desired shape has not come out, then reposition the blade and start cutting again.

In four simple steps, the aluminum diamond plate can be cut into small, useable bits and pieces. While ardently following the above steps, carefully handle the plate as well as the blade.