Cutting Camellia Flowers

Camellia flowers.

The evergreen, camellia shrub is perfectly suited for household gardens. Gardeners often grow it for the camellia flowers that exhibit various shades of pink and red. Camellia flowers need minimal seasonal pruning. Sometimes, they are cut to create exotic floral arrangements.

Camellia Pruning Basics

You should cut the camellia’s foliage when it is apparent that it isn't blooming anymore. Most camellias stop flowering between May and June. For seasonal pruning of the camellia spread, you should cut the weaker, internal branches. These are bare, thinner branches intertwined around the thick branches.

Ensure that you snip-off the branches near the main stem. If your camellia flower spread has become too dense, it could become vulnerable to fungal infections. You should prune the longer branches and the dead flowers.

Ornamental Camellia Pruning

If your camellia is blooming excessively, cut-away some flower buds during the summer. Ideally, you should have two to three flower buds near the end of each branch. You should use lightweight pruners for designing the camellia flower spread.

Once you have pruned the camellia plant, pinch the ends of selected branches. This helps to manipulate the growth of flowers, i.e. more flowers bloom on certain branches, helping to create a floral pattern.