Cutting Dryer Vent Tubes Correctly

Many times a dryer vent tube will need to be cut to size in order for it to fit correctly. This is very important as a longer than necessary dryer vent tube can kink, or be bent, so that the lint will not be evacuated as it should. A build up of lint contained in a bend in the vent tube has the potential to catch on fire. To minimize this, keep your dryer vent tidy, and maximize the effectiveness of the tube, you will need to cut it.

Mark Cutting Line

Before getting out your cutter, it is important to know where you are going to cut. While it is a dryer vent tube, keeping the lines straight, without any ragged edges will help in attaching the tube to the dryer. A good method for marking your cutting line is to use some blue painters tape. Wrap the tape around the tube and mark the center of it for your cutting line.

Cut With Sharp Tin Snips

Put on some gloves to keep you from cutting your fingers, or hand, on the sharp metal. Poke the tip of a pair of tin snips into the dryer vent tube at a point along your cutting line. Carefully cut around the line with the snips keeping your cut as straight as possible. As you cut the painters tape will keep the metal from being ragged.