Cutting Into A Marble Slab

Special machinery is needed for cutting into a marble slab. Marble can be a fragile and expensive material, which is why knowing how to correctly cut a marble slab is important.

Machine Cut

Although you can attempt to use a power handsaw equipped with a special diamond-tip blade, you’ll also need to have on hand a liquid to cool the blade down. Water is usually used, although some may use specially formulated oil. Since marble is an increasingly popular do-it-yourself material, many tool rental companies offer machines specifically designed for cutting marble and, in many cases, polishing it as well.

How It Operates

The specifically designed marble cutting machine uses a cutting saw blade and a polishing wheel on tracks. The machine supports the slab as it is cut as well as guiding the blade along with the cut. The cutting assembly runs along its own carriage and can be adjusted for speed. If measurements need to be precise, remember that the width of the saw blade determines the width of the cut.

If you need to make an angled or curved cut, the saw is located on a turntable. It can be adjusted as you cut to make the appropriate angles or turns. Both sawing and polishing assemblies are cooled with automatic water flushing systems as they operate.

If you are uncertain as to your stone cutting skills, you will want to practice on a scrap piece of marble. It may be worth hiring a skilled stonecutter to cut your marble slab.