Cutting Into Synthetic Stucco

Besides the regular cement based stucco, there is also a synthetic stucco siding available for home owners to choose for their exterior surface.

Synthetic Stucco Difference
Synthetic stucco is different from regular stucco as it is not really a mixture or cement based product. It is a system involving foam insulative board that is applied to the wall and then covered with a wire mesh. This is then covered with a polymer material that has the look of textured stucco when finished.

Cutting Synthetic Stucco
When having to do repair work to a home, adding new space to a home, or removing a piece of synthetic stucco, you will have to cut into the synthetic stucco. Taking your time will make this process easier.

  • Tape off a section - Use some construction tape to tape off the boundary of where you need to cut. This will help minimize splintering, or cracking further into the surface that you would then have to remove and repair.
  • Use a circular saw, or reciprocating saw, to cut a straight line. Ease the saw into the surface, and work smoothly and slowly. Do not stop the saw or try to force the cut too fast.

Cutting into synthetic stucco is not a hard project, but it can be a little tricky without using some precautions.