Cutting Linoleum Floor Sheeting

Lead Image for Cutting Linoleum Floor Sheeting

Before installing linoleum, you need a little knowledge about cutting the linoleum floor sheeting. There is some preparation needed before installation and careful planning will lead to successful cutting. Making a paper template of the room is a great way to ensure accuracy. This technique will save you a lot of time and worry about making mistakes.

Step 1 - Use Brown Paper

Buy brown butcher’s paper in 18-inch width. Place the paper along the room walls leaving a 1/8 inch gap between the paper and the wall. Cut a triangular hole every 18 inches in the paper and put masking tape over the hole to attach the paper securely to the floor. When putting together your brown butcher paper template, make sure to overlap each piece about 2 inches and tape all pieces together. This will create a long continuous paper section to make the cutting template. Be sure you slide the paper under any door casings.

Step 2 - Fit Around Piping

To fit the paper template around piping, tape paper on either side of the pipe. Measure the distance from the center of the pipe to a wall, take away 1/8 of an inch. Use this measurement to draw a circle on another piece of paper for the pipe diameter with a compass. Cut out the circle and then fit the paper around the pipe and tape it to the paper on either side of the pipe. Mark which side of the template is up. After rolling it up, carry it to the linoleum sheeting.

Step 3 - Prep the Area

Make sure you clear a large flat surface work area. Plan where you want any seams to appear. It is highly recommended that seams be placed in areas where there isn’t a lot of traffic or where it won’t get noticed easily. Also take into consideration cutting along pattern lines or any grout lines that will appear along the edges of any sections that may be connected. Overlap and edges by 2 inches or more and secure these together by tape. Do not stand or kneel on any seams.

Step 4 - Place the Template

Put the paper template over the linoleum sheet you need to cut and tape it so it is securely in place. Use as much tape as possible to make sure the template stays in place while cutting. Use an erasable felt-tip pen to trace the template outline. While removing the template, be careful not to smudge the outline.

Step 5 - Cut the Linoleum

Use a linoleum, or utility knife, to cut along the drawn lines. Go slowly so you make accurate and neat cuts. Use a straight edge the cut along for straighter lines.

Step 6 - Pipe Holes

When arriving at the pipe hole, mark first and pierce through the flooring and then carefully cut the hole along the pattern line drawn. Cut a slit from the flooring outer edge to slip the flooring around the pipe. Try making these cuts along patterns appearing on the flooring.