Cutting Tap Hole in Composite Sinks

Composite sinks are a fashionable, durable, glamorous and easy to maintain addition to any kitchen. They last long, are available in a wide variety of colors and can stand or well resist the common pressures like denting and cutting effectively. Installation of a composite sink requires cutting tap holes that are often considered by many, who don’t have prior experience in various home construction projects, to be a task for which professional expertise or assistance needs to be sought out.

However, cutting tap holes in composite sinks is not necessarily a time or effort consuming task and using the tips explained below can become a moderately easy job.

Tip 1: Get Accurate Measurements

For your sink to fit in your kitchen exclusively and add the maximum possible aesthetic appeal to the ambience, it is important to take accurate measurements before installation or cutting. Before getting down to installation, compute the area underneath the worktop and assure that the area is sufficient for the sink to fit in. The specifications of these measurements will establish the precise spot that you should cut for the installation of your tap. Also measure out the exact specifications of the overlap distance of your composite sink along with the second interior line.

Tip 2: Consider the Colored Sticker

In order to ensure that you cut the hole right, do consider the colored stickers placed on your sink which is substantially useful in determining the exact position of your tap. The center or core point of the sticker is where the incision for the tap should be made using a puncher as well as a hammer. Once you use the puncher the center will mechanically cut out. However, it is important that you clearly mark the position of the tap and also use masking tape to cover up this area.

Tip 3: Get your Drilling Correct

See to it that you only drill holes towards the inner line and not step out of it or else this will adversely affect the fitting of your sink. Also assure that there are no loose ends present in your composite sink or else a little time down the lane, problems of water leaks or dysfunctional piping might arise. An advisable suggestion is the usage of large drill bits on the tap hole in order to increase the gap for the taps and bring it to the desirable dimension.

Tip 4: Further Care

Once the installation is complete and the holes have been cut, it is obviously detrimental for the long life of your sink that you take proper care of it. A few, easy to follow suggestions are assuring that the sink is clean and completely dry after use with no stagnant water (which can be done by rinsing the sink with a towel) and cleaning your sink thoroughly every day with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water. Obviously, also try not to drop any sharp or heavy object onto your composite sink, try to avoid cutting on its surface and also try not to let highly concentrated products stick around in it.