Cylinder Head Cleaning Tips

Cylinder head cleaning is an important part of your car maintenance. Cylinder heads have many oil flow passages and gas flow pipes that might get clogged with either the congealed residue of the oil and/or fuel, and an engine can not run successfully if the cylinders are not clear. Cleaning can be difficult as the cylinders are quite complex in their structures. Follow the helpful tips below as you work.

Tip 1: Clean Regularly

We may need to enlist the help of our minds in preparing us for a regular cleaning session. If we allow our aluminum based cylinder heads or the vehicle engine cylinders to get coated with years of baked oil residue or sludge, we will not be able to clean them ever. This will only require a change of the cylinder heads, which will cost dearly every time.

Tip 2: Use Automated and Manual Cleaning Methods

You will need to use both automated and manual cleaning methods in order to remove the entire amount of sludge covering them. The most specifically used method for this will be the use of authorised aqueous solvents and solution mix.

Tip 3: Use Bio-Remediation Solution

The best method for removing oil sludge will be to use a bio-remediation solution, solvent based microbe breeding fluid. The primary duty of the microbes will be to eat up the oil sludge by breaking them down into water and carbon dioxide, digesting the hydrocarbons in the oil residues. Ideally, the water supply temperature should maintain a moderate level of 110 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and you should replenish the microbes every few minutes.

Tip 4: Clean with Hot Tanks

Using hot tanks for cleaning the cylinder heads will be the next effective method available. Make use of a good quality cleaning solution with low fume output. Clamp the heads to a mechanical lift platform, capable of agitating the same up and down in the solution.

Tip 5: Allow Cleaning Fluid Circulation

After the above process, use the same tank for circulating the cleaning fluids. By allowing cleaning fluid circulation at high speeds, you can easily remove the residue and oil clogs in the corners and crevices of the cylinder heads immersed in the tank.

Tip 6: Use Jet Sprayers

Jet sprayers will clean the hardened residue on the heads easily with their spray velocity and the pin point nozzle spray techniques.